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In Silence Stands – Blog post May 30, 2015

Exhausted by some of the decisions I’ve made, inspired by seeing a long admired artist’s body of work. Growing older, breathing, opening eyes, disappointed by elements of humanity, overjoyed by others.
There is something important to be said.

It’s been a while, bit of a catch of whats happened over the last few months.


My duo with Aaron Metcalf known as Machines Of Indeterminate Origin recently released a single called ‘Meat Dog’/’Calculator’. With an impending new body of work on the horizon, M010 thought it would be nice to release this transitional material as a 2 track single, both sides reflecting M010’s varied sound and influences.
Released on April 18, 2015, the single came in a number of formats:
1. Download (mp3, FLAC, WAV)
2. A limited edition of 20 lathe cut 7″ singles – individually hand cut by Peter King in NZ, housed in acetate hand numbered sleeves and including download code for digital versions of both stereo and mono mixes.
3. A limited edition of 15 CD/DVD packs containing a CD single and a DVD of 5 M010 video clips.
All available from:
Clips for both songs can be seen:
M010 will now continue to woodshed and work on the new material. Stay tuned.

I had the pleasure of playing drums alongside Brendan Walls and Greg Kingston at Kelly’s Garden, Salamanca Arts Centre, for a kind of live performance iteration of Brendan’s installation called Elements Of Refusal on Saturday Feb 7. No sure if anyone got a recording…it was great fun. Would love to do it again. Here’s the kit in situ!

Played with Mat Ward’s No Mates Ensemble at Rosny Farm for the opening of Kerosene Child/So I Ran My Camera on Feb 18. Here’s the result.
Will be working with Mat again in the future, stay tuned!

On March 2, 2015 I presented my final show of The Small Hours radio show. Not indefinitely, but am on hiatus for a while. I love doing the show, there’s no other reason to stop other than I currently don’t have time. I will try and update the Mixcloud page and archive my show.

Some new work in progress; a new single channel ‘drone’ video:
In Silence Stands (Mondo Box – Burnie 2014) started in June 2014 whilst on residency in Burnie and completed in March 2015.

I performed for the first time with the very excellent Pip Stafford at Sound Klub 13, Grand Poobah, Hobart. Thursday April 23, 2015. Recorded by Menno Bontes.

So two things that have kept me pretty busy over the last few months have been the following:

I’m producing some sound and video for the ‘Wild At Heart’ project at Cradle Mountain as part of the Unconscious Collective. Go to:
for more details.

And also for a while now, I’ve been curating Envelop(e) – a sound and light group exhibition for Contemporary Art Tasmania. I’m very pleased to have such a superb selection of artists in the show;
Julian Day (AUS), Mick Harris (UK), Jason James (AUS), Christina Kubisch (GER) and Elizabeth Veldon (UK).
It opens on June 10 at 7:00pm and continues on until July 19. There is a website I’ve produced for this at:
and of course other info can be found here:

That’s it for now. See you on the other side.

Haunts, 0s & 1s and breaking the negative cycle – Jan 29, 2015

Some of us, in our own ways, are trying to break the negative cycle.
You would think it would be common sense to not cross certain lines or enter certain circles before being invited wouldn’t you? Think!
Living in the dark, you sometimes need to make your own light. And vice versa.
Shouting online is still just 0s and 1s.
Today, I walk this ground with respect, for those who walked before me, those who will walk in the future. The Earth was here before us all.
And the sounds return and can be heard outside the dome.
An incessant hauntological wormhole equals a fairly sleepless night.
There is something important to be said…

January saw a flurry of activities.

I was in a show of 3 exhibiting artists (along with Sally Ann McIntyre and Alex Bishop-Thorpe) in the Paddy Lyn space at my old Gallery Coordinator stomping ground (albeit with a different name) Constance ARI. Opening on January 9 and presented as part of MONA FOMA, I presented a surround-sound, object and light installation called  Time Is Of The Essence (ritual space). It looks and sounds a little like this. If you are in Hobart, it runs until January 31. Constance ARI – 100 Goulburn St, Hobart.

My duo Machines Of Indeterminate Origin played our first gig of 2015, on January 10 at the Grand Poobah with Eden and Dead Horse. It was an interesting gig in many ways and prompted the band to change up some things about our approach to playing live, possibly not visible to punters, but will be for us. Here is At The Party from the show, I’m sure folks may recognise the topical reference!

I haven’t performed a DJ Broken Tiny set for a while, but thanks to Jordan Marson’s excellent event ‘The Noise Edition‘ I had the opportunity to do so. This event was a kind of alternative to MOFO, a one day show of experimental music over two stages at the Grand Poobah. I saw a few sets during the day, oscillating between there and PW1 (home of MOFO live gigs). Following the Swans set, I wandered back up and played a set of krautrock, space rock and garage psych. Folks seemed to dig it and I really enjoy doing it. Let me know if anyone wants some spinning of discs in that or a related vein.

First mumble(speak) show for about 6 months.
Faux Mo is a series of MONA FOMA ticketed after-parties, this and previous years held at the Odeon Theatre on Liverpool Street, Hobart. I was invited to perform as mumble(speak) in a small room dubbed The Crypt. Although it was scheduled against and had to compete with some noisy, beauty stuff on the mainstage it seemed to go over well. Some images:

This was followed by the duo Evil Goat and then the debut of the live AV performance trio HAUNTS, basically myself and the two Evil Goat guys, again in The Crypt. It was very psychedelic, loud and quite intense. We will hopefully do it again! Here is some footage from my vantage point on the stage:

As mentioned above my show at Constance, runs until the  31st and will culminate in an artist talk, which will actually be a conversation between myself and fellow exhibitor Sally Ann McIntyre. We will basically be interviewing each other and sharing the questions as well as opening it up to the audience.  Saturday Jan 31 at 2pm; Constance ARI – 100 Goulburn St, Hobart.

M010 will be playing with Axe Giant, Woe and Ruiner & The Threshold Forms
at the Brisbane Hotel, Hobart on Saturday February 7.
Details here:

Also earlier that day, I’ve been invited to perform drums in a performance with and guitarist Greg Kingston and Brendan Walls with his installation at Kelly’s Garden, Salamanca Arts Centre, called Elements Of Refusal as part of a series of Saturday on-site performances. Saturday Feb 7 5:30pm.

Be good to one and other.

Jibe, advocate, good try. A 2014 wrap up and what’s coming up (Jan/3/2015)

Outside of my music, sound and art practice (which is covered below), suffice to say, in 2014, I tried to be good. A good father, partner, artist, musician, feminist, supporter of LGBT rights, advocate of anti-censorship, advocate of mental health support, a generally non judgemental person towards people and things that don’t jibe with my own outlook. I tried to be good…I sometimes fell short, but I sometimes succeeded. I will continue to try
There is something important to be said…

Matt Warren
Sound/music material that I produce and release under my own name is usually closely aligned to my practice as a visual and/or gallery-based artist. So more often than not it is electro-acoustic, soundscapes and field recording-based, though not exclusively. Sometimes it will contain song structure, melodic elements and traditional instruments.
This years collection of releases ran the gamut.

This first one Métier was mentioned in the July 21 post, but as this is a round up, here it is again.

A created track called A Sönaris Communiqúe for
“I MARRIED A DEAD ICECREAM : radio pirate, espace public”
and during the year it got a few airings, the most recent time was on December 21 in Spain:

I recorded a piece using voice and toy piano for Black Circle Records Halloween compilation called The Carpenter and The Misfit, referencing John Carpenter and Glenn Danzig in equal measures!

And finally for Richard Sanderson’s Linear Obsessional imprint I contributed a 2 minute track for his Xmas eve release “Two Minutes Left”, called Dead Letter Office using voice, percussion, acoustic guitar and toy piano.

Behind the scenes, as well as working on a couple of Sound Klub gigs throughout 2014, I co-curated/compiled with Julian Teakle the two volumed ‘Convergence’ compilation of Hobart experimental music and sound artists. Available here:
Very pleased to have presented these sounds to everyone!


A track was included on volume 1 of ‘Convergence’ called Compressed Over Sensitive Skin For Five Minutes

Released in August 29th as a limited edition of 100 hand numbered and signed CDs and download, was the long gestating 3rd album – ‘real and imagined scenarios’.

It got a bit of radio play on Dwayne Bunney’s Kaleidoscope Ears, a number of pieces played on Black Paul’s “Local Arts And Weird Music” and Blistered Zine’s show on 4ZZZ

Material from the album was included on a couple of playlists including:

I launched the album with a couple of shows; one in Hobart and the other in Melbourne.

The Melbourne show I was very pleased to have had Carolyn Gannell play with me on the piece she played on the record, Departure
Recording excerpts of these gigs can be heard here:

A couple of reviews:

and some material ended up on a couple of ‘best of 2014’ playlists:

Thanks for all the support for this release everyone.

For Mental Health Week I released a free 1 track, 30 minute ‘single’ called
Nijinsky’s Stare (Music for a dance at the Suvretta Haus, St. Moritz 1919)
with the idea that rather paying for the release, folks may consider donating an amount they may have paid for this recording to an organisation dedicated to the support and assistance of those with mental health issues.

I contributed a track to the compilation “Doing God’s Work – 25 Years Of Streetcleaner” for the anniversary of the seminal Godflesh album. mumble(speak) covered Dream Long Dead

The Non-Compliant Airmen

will release a debut full-length album in 2015, but as a bit of a preview a few tracks of protest noise trickled out and can be heard here:


were relatively quiet throughout 2014. We did a small number of gigs and spent a lot of time writing and recording. Since last blog post we appeared twice, firstly at the Brisbane Hotel with our old mate Caz and her new band Falconio in November  (a short piece of video)

and finally culminating in an appearance at Festable on Monday Dec 29 (actually Tuesday 30th).

We get a brief mention here; always nice to be considered in some sense of a scene since we tend to sit outside or between them usually. “Mo1o (Machines of 1nditerm1nate Origin) is a two-piece of Tasmanian music veterans from the metal and noise scene, which comes out a lot in this project.”

M010 also contributed a cover track to the Godflesh anniversary tribute record and it can be heard here:

Although quite a while after the initial album release, I produced a psychedelic clip for the album track At The Party. Here it is:

Keep an eye and ear out for the new M010 release in early 2015.

Threshold Ensemble:
Is a new international collaboration between Bart Sz in Poland, Luke Lund in Finland, Mark Stone in the UK and myself here. Our first release was to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the passing of Coil’s Jhonn Balance.

Art practice
Did not exhibit in 2014 per se, but became increasingly active in the visual/installation arts again.
The residency in Burnie with Sally and ‘Motel Dreaming’ as part of Dark Mofo was pretty much covered in the July 21 post. I continued working towards my curatorial project due to open June next year at Contemporary Art Tasmania (see below) and sitting on the Board and Programming committee there as well.

I did some critical, interpretive writing and speaking for Julia Drouhin’s works at MISS DESPOINAS presents: PATAPHYSICAL FEEDBACK SESSION at 146 Artspace, Hobart.

Some minor forays into exhibiting: the annual CAT Members show I did a new work.
Surface With Eclipse

Started a Facebook page for my art practice.

Radio show
My fortnightly radio show “The Small Hours” on Future Music FM is archived here:

January is going to be a busy month:
Exhibiting at Constance ARI, opening January 9 at 6:00pm

M010 gig with Eden and Dead Horse at the Grand Poobah on January 10 at 9pm/$5

A piece of guest writing for my my old friend Felix’s The Restless Main blog coming up soon.

I will be doing a Psych/kraut/weirdo DJ set as DJ Broken Tiny for the H+M=Y ‘The Noise Edition’ on Saturday January 17 at the Grand Poobah…looking forward to it, haven’t done a DJ set for a while.

mumble(speak) performance at MONA FOMA‘s ‘Faux Mo’ (after party) Sunday the 18th of Jan, followed by a set from Evil Goat. I will then be collaborating with the two Evil Goat guys as HAUNTS…an audio/visual/mashup feast!

Rest of the year (so far), more details as they come closer:

M010 will be releasing a new single sometime in early 2015…stay tuned for release and launch details.

As mentioned above, I’m curating a sound and light exhibition as part of Contemporary Art Tasmania‘s program which opens in June called envelop(e) featuring:
Julian Day (AUS), Mick Harris (UK), Jason James (AUS), Christina Kubisch (GERM) and Elizabeth Veldon (UK).

The Unconscious Collective (Michelle Boyde, David Patman, Jason James and myself amongst others) will work on a project called Hypnopod.

At some time there will be a full album release as download and limited edition cassette from The Non-Compliant Airmen.

Working on a couple of works started on the residency, not sure when and how they will see the light of day.

The collaboration between myself and Tricky Walsh will see some kind of physical object-based iteration during the year.

I’m currently working on a public art gig for the Dunalley Primary School rebuild. I’m working on the soundscape that will be part of the sculptural objects designed and constructed by Gerhard Mausz and under the design and conceptual direction of Michelle Boyde and David Patman. This will be launch towards the end of the year in preparation for 2016’s school year.

Phew, HAPPY NEW YEAR, hope to see you around!

mumble(speak) III – ‘real and imagined scenarios’ released today (August 29, 2014)

A short post today to mention the release of the long gestating 3rd full length album by my solo drone project mumble(speak)

real and imagined scenarios is the third full length album by electronic drone act mumble(speak) following on from a number of independently produced and released albums, EPs and compilation tracks. This album is musically the most varied and well rounded so far and is the first time mumble(speak) has had guests contribute to the material. Special guests are: Laura Altman (Great Waitress/The Splinter Orchestra), Carolyn Gannell (Laura/Bodies Drawn Backwards), Felix Ratcliff (Time Office), Mark Spybey (Dead Voices On Air/Zoviet France) and stage & film actor (and former drummer for Sea Scouts) Sara Pensalfini. This album presents dark menacing drone pieces alongside melodic and melancholic odes to the departed, utilising, drifting guitar, field recordings, spoken word and electronically manipulated acoustic instruments, all wrapped up in a dream logic.

Live appearances:
August 29, 2014 – The Grand Poobah, Hobart.
w/ Domicile, Pip Stafford.

August 31, 2014 – Sunday School @ The Public Bar
w/ Awk Wah, Abstract Mutation, Eves, Downpat DJ

3 videos are available to view as well:
Found Footage

Web presence:


July 21, 2014 – learning, breathing, reacting.

It gets me through the days and the nights, to know that to a certain extent, we are all learning. Learning how to get along, learning about our differences, learning about how to make the path we travel together smoother. Some of us pretend to know what’s going on when we don’t, to save face perhaps. It’s okay not to be sure. There is no crime in saying ‘I don’t know’.
Some choose to remain ignorant I guess, but I actually think, in the scheme of things, that’s pretty rare. Some of us ‘get’ things quicker than others, it doesn’t mean we’re not trying.
Let’s take a breath and see what happens, lets not jerk our knees straight away. Of course some things are urgent and maybe should have been done yesterday.
But listening can be as helpful as speaking, even if…
There is something important to be said.

Some recent happening.
New Website look and update.
It’s taken a while, but I’ve finally updated and redesigned my website. It covers a little more ground and attempts to put most of my activities in one place.
Check it out:

Reminder; go check out my page on Forever Now; please feel free to leave comments and help get me into space.

Back in May I contributed a new, short sound work called ‘A Sönaris Communique‘ for Julia Drouhin’s “I Married A Dead Ice Cream” radio art event.
It happened on May 18, 2014 at the Plaza Instituto (Parchís) in Gijón, Spain.
For me details go to:

During May and June myself and Sally Rees (with Arthur in tow) undertook an Artist Residency courtesy of Arts@Work at our shared former High School, Burnie High in the North West of the state. A very fruitful and inspiring time was had. The end of the residency felt very much like the beginning of many things that were just sketched out, both singularly and collaboratively. A very big thanks must go to the staff at BHS for making us feel welcome. Our activities were blogged at:

Motel Dreaming
Our time in Burnie was briefly interrupted when I had to return for a gig I has as part of this year’s Dark Mofo. I worked as sound and video artists along creative directors Michelle Boyde and David Patman, Lighting designer/VJ Jason James as part of the Unconscious Collective alongside a number of performers and technical staff to create Motel Dreaming. The event took place on June 17 at (and around) the Riverfront Motel. Most of the details, including images and media coverage on this event can be found at the website: http:/

I’d also like to post here link to some examples of my work that I produced (including a beautiful siren song with voice performed by Gail Priest) here:

And a very excellent piece created by Miyuki Jokiranta for Radio National about Dark Mofo, but with special focus on ‘Motel Dreaming’. You can hear my dulcet tones, both speaking and my sound design for the project scattered throughout.

Piece contributed to Constance show:
Constance ARI (formerly Inflight, my former employer) recently presented a show in the mainspace of Board/committee members through time. Called “Constantly Inflight”, I contributed a short single channel video work called: 42 Layers Of The Lifeforce. Go see this and the other excellent works by a talented bunch of folks until August 2nd.

Quite a few years in the making, I finally released my soundscape/field recording/electro acoustic album Métier on my 43rd birthday. It’s available as a download and a (very) limited edition hand numbered CD-r version with hand crafted sleeve, with an individually drawn self portrait. I’m very happy with this body of work and glad it’s out there now.

Coming up
mumble(speak) III – ‘real and imagined scenarios’ is complete and in the process of being prepped for release. This is another one I’m super happy with and really looking forward to having it out. Details on release date/launch/format/availabilty soon.

Machines Of Indeterminate Origin
M010 haven’t played for quite a few months. We have been writing and arranging and making plans, but thought it would be nice to play a gig. And so on Saturday July 26 we will be playing at the Brisbane Hotel. We’ll be including some new material in the set and vinyl, CDs, cassettes and a few T-Shirts will be available. Also very excited to be playing with Pinchgut and Ruins & The Threshold Forms.

M010 are working on a couple of future releases; a new EP in a couple of interesting formats(!) and contributing a cover of ‘Mighty Trust Krusher’ to a Godflesh ‘Streetcleaner’ anniversary “tribute” compilation. Also working on some potential local and interstate gigs. Stay tuned.

Volume 2 of ‘Convergence’
Myself and Rough Skies Julian Teakle are beginning to work on the curation of Volume 2 of ‘Convergence’, the compilation of Hobart noise and experimental music.. We already have a number of tracks ready to go and we will begin finalising the lineup and order soon. Expect a launch in the next couple of months.

That’s it for now. Be good to one and other. Share the world, play nice and if you don’t want to play nice, make sure the person you’re playing with says it’s okay.

Some positive news…April 28, 2014

Some updates and some upcoming stuff.
There is something important to be said…

MUSIC news/updates:
M010 played a show earlier in the year with Omahara at the Grand Poobah, but basically we’ve been a bit quiet on the live front. That will change shortly. In the meantime we’ve been working on some new material and jamming regularly. We’ve made available a ‘live in the studio’ session via our Soundcloud page here:

Also for Sydney-siders…M010’s limited edition, hand numbered full length vinyl album ‘1.0 SYMPT0MS’ on Rough Skies Records is available in your neck of the woods at the wonderful Repressed Records in Newtown.

I have a track called called “Terminal 1 – Arrivals” on the I Am The Tiger: a Black Circle Tribute to Abba’s Arrival compilation through Black Circle Records. Free/name your price download.

There is also a mumble(speak) track on the recently released compilation Convergence vol 1; details below…

I’m soon to release mumble(speak) III – real and imagined scenarios, a new full length album that features 11 tracks and includes some wonderful collaborative guests; Laura Altman (Great Waitress/The Splinter Orchestra), Carolyn Gannell (Laura/Bodies Drawn Backwards), Felix Ratcliff (Time Office), Mark Spybey (Dead Voices On Air/Zoviet France) and stage & film actor (and former drummer for Sea Scouts) Sara Pensalfini, and looks like this.
ImageReally looking forward to getting it out there. There are these preview clips out there already:

Stay tuned for details on the release.
In preparation of the new release, I’ve updated the mumble(speak) bandcamp page to include all the mumble(speak) releases I’ve put out myself, some previously only available in physical form. There is fact a very limited surround sound DVD…1 left!
Hope you find something you like if you haven’t grabbed it already:

Dust and Data:
Speaking of archiving; I’ve now got a Bandcamp-based label that is used to house my past solo, one-off, collaboration and band music projects. So far there are releases from Project Airsheet (collaboration with Ted Colless), zeropointzero (one off DnB inspired solo project) and TIMEOFFICE (my post-Bodies Drawn Backwards band with Felix Ratcliff and for a while my brother Nick).

Speaking of BODIES DRAWN BACKWARDS, my old band (1993-98), with the blessing of all band members, I’ve remastered and posted both demo tapes and the completed, but unreleased album.
Go grab em, they’re free!

The Non-Compliant Airmen is a new noise/protest project I’m involved with.
Details and some sounds can be found here:

There’s been a couple of editions of Sound Klub this year so far, including the milestone # 10 which featured our first international guest in Sally Ann McIntyre (aka Radio Cegeste) and # 11 which included Melbourne duo Maria Moles and Adam Halliwell along with launch of Convergence Vol 1 (details below). Here’s some documentation:
Sound Klub 11:

Sound Klub 10:,+2014

Convergence Vol 1:
Myself and Rough Skies Records label guy Julian Teakle co-curated a compilation of Hobart experimental music and noise artists for download and limited edition hand numbered cassettes, with artwork by Sally Rees. We are both very proud of the record and it’s got an incredible array of talent. Stay tuned for a Vol 2 later in the year. Get Vol 1 here:
First review:

The Small Hours Radio show.
I was invited by Mike at Future Music FM radio in the UK (broadcast/streamed on the net) to create a regular show for their station.  
I accepted and the result is ‘The Small Hours – the esoteric, the abstract, the experimental, the pioneering and the psychedelic side of electronic music. It’s on fortnightly and details and archive can be found here:

I recently submitted a sound work called ‘Storm Brew’ (part of a larger body of work called ‘Metier’) for a project called Forever Now.
Give it a listen and feel free to comment and big it up. Get me in space!

Myself and Ms Rees will soon undertake a hauntological Artist residency at both our formative/teenage stomping grounds Burnie High School on the North West of the state. We both have some plans of what will occur, but the beauty of the AIR program through Arts@Work/Arts Tasmania is that it remains to be seen what will emerge. Suffice to say, the place is rife with memories and personal ghosts, some friendly, some otherwise. These will figure into the work no doubt.

We will return to Hobart for MONA’s ‘Dark Mofo’ festival, not only to witness the great program, but also myself to be a contributor. As a member of the Unconscious Collective, I/we will present Motel Dreaming at the Riverfront Motel and Villas on the evening of June 17.
Ticket details:
Project details:

New website coming soon at BTW.

Please be good to each other.

A negative rant…April 28, 2014

There is something important to be said…

I wrote a lot more, but essentially, it’s kind of whiny and negative and who needs to read it? I could be more specific, naming names, specific subjects…again who needs to hear it? These little paragraphs should cover what’s bugging me.

1. M010 have a song title; ‘Keep pretending until the lies become the truth’, it’s a fiction. For the most part, lies don’t become truth. There is absolutely no shame in saying ‘I’m not sure’ or ‘I don’t know’. Nor is coming clean and admitting that an opinion is not always a fact. Otherwise, you are just being dishonest.

2. It’s good to remember that we are all learning where we individually sit in the world, where we’d like to sit and which ‘side’ we’re on, maybe those sides change. Hopefully we will be forever learning something new. Otherwise we may as well be dead. With that in mind, I continue to try and not be cynical and try to take everything on a case by case basis. I want to learn, I want to be on the side of good and I’m still learning how. Some of us are slower than others, some of us may never learn. But while it’s useful to know your enemies, it’s good to recognise your allies.

3. Why is it, that some folks don’t have the respect for others or a sense of courtesy to answer and reply to a question, a query or a conversation in the virtual world? Yes, yes, I know we are all very busy, but that’s my point…these mechanisms, (email, PMs, texts etc) are in place to allow our busy lives to be more communicable. Not a priority? I understand, but again, the beauty of this technology is that it is a means to produce a short, simple, non-time consuming answer and get on with your duties. I think I have delayed a maximum of 3 days where I know a reply is required. Anything else is just rude.
A quick ‘Yes’ is fine, a quick ‘no’ is totally cool, a ‘I’m not sure’ is totally acceptable. What is not acceptable is silence. A ‘nothing’ drives me crazy!

Rant over.