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Post (4th of March 2018)

A post-State Election post.

I wouldn’t claim to know how everyone feels after the result of the recent state election. We are all different, we all have our desires for ourselves and our fellow humans.

I have people close to me from all over the political spectrum. It’s just the way it is.

Viva la difference.

Personally I’m disappointed that people voted in people that seemingly favour profit over humanity. To me it seemed patently obvious that there was a hell of a lot of dodgy stuff going on in the background as far as the Liberal party goes.

The fact that the Federal group appeared to have them wrapped around their finger. It’s pretty insidious. With Gambling Addiciton, I’ve seen the intensely negative impact on individuals and their families first hand through a couple of people very close to me. Yes, people should be allowed to decide how to spend their money and “enjoy” themselves, but seriously, lets consider NOT targeting the most vulnerable. There is also the overt and excessive advertising and the somewhat secretive schmoozing of the Tasmanian Gun lobby. As someone close to Mental Health issues, I was pretty offended by our then and still now Premier who decided it was okay to tell a fellow politician that they should “slit their wrists”, only apologising when publicly called out on it. Dude don’t say that in the first place…to anyone!!!

So with this result, it seems like for many of us there will still be many crosses to bear. But here’s the thing. As difficult as it may be, we should try and move past the dismay and depression that comes with being handed something you didn’t want and know will likely harm you and your fellow humans. We should remember all that shit that’s been touted, all the crap that’s been revealed in the wake of the election and the campaigning. Remember it, keep it your mind and constantly try to remind others of what goes down.

We sometimes feel that an election may be the chance to change things in one fell swoop. I don’t always see it that way, probably because I don’t see our governments always speaking or leading on our behalf anyway…no matter who they are. Change is much more gradual. Yes a change may be a good start, but it’s ultimately up to us, not the government. And perhaps a negative result (to some folks) such as this will encourage lobbying, protests, action.

We may be tired, we may be overworked and we may feel there’s no point. But I feel we still need to try. We need to remember to channel our sadness into compassion to help others where we can, as our elected “leaders” likely won’t. We need to use our anger as an energy (thank you Mr Lydon) and get things done.

I’m trying not to forget what’s happened especially in the lead up, but I’m trying not to get overwhelmed by despair or negativity. I hope we all can move onwards and upwards.


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