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NYE 2017

There is something important to be said.

An odd old year, very difficult to sum it up in a few sentences so I won’t bother.
But I would like to say a few things. It’s hard to determine if it was a good year or a bad year. Some seemingly irreversible shit things happened to me and to some of my circle. I’ve seen loved ones diminished and changed. Senses of self confused and broken. We have crosses to bear. But some good things happened too and sometimes it’s easier to remember the shit and forget the good. If I was to make a new years resolution it would be to not forget the bad, but to try and focus more on the good.

I was glad to find out that, despite the ridiculous waste of money and the potentially hurtful nature of the ‘Yes/No’ postal ballot, the majority of Australians are not selfish, closed minded arseholes…at least where this kind of equality is concerned.
I still find it hard to believe that the USA is being “run” by Donald Trump. Say it again, “President Donald Trump”…I mean, seriously!?
There is something very wrong about that, regardless of your political persuasions.
In my opinion, our guy is not much better either. All we can do is to remain ever vigilant about changing that situation and calling out the shit when it’s spoken, enacted and forced.
Anger is an energy, let’s channel it for good.

Overall, I aim to be kinder, calmer, more patient and more loving when and where I can in 2018, to myself as much as to others. The storm behind the facade is not always a healthy way to live, so being assertive where required should be part of the journey forward as well. And when that storm breaks, I’ll harness that energy.

So as the year draws to a close, I urge you to take care out there, be kind to yourself and to others, watch your mind as much as your body. Be well, be good.



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