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This is a party political broadcast on behalf of the “How is this even an issue?” Party.

Not that there are folks hanging on any of my words, but I’ve been rather quiet about promoting my point of view about this, because well, it seems like a bit of a no-brainer. But ultimately, I do want to be sure as many suggestions to do the right(left?) thing are out there, so I’m contributing.

Like many of us, a lot of information comes to us via Social Media, which means to a certain degree the information we see is beholden to algorithmic interference.

I for the most part am not getting much opposing views on same-sex marriage. This is a blessing and a curse. A blessing because I don’t have to read bigoted or ignorant views. A curse because, out of sight out of mind, superficially, one could suppose that the the battle is kinda won, that there are more decent, fair-minded people in Australia than not.

And ultimately I do think that’s the case. But as this postal “vote” is going to happen, I urge you to make sure you are enrolled to vote and when the time comes you vote “Yes” for marriage equality.

I won’t go into why consenting adults should be allowed to marry if they wish, have the same rights as others, why they should not suffer prejudice for their sexuality. This has been done to death and really does it need to be repeated? Simply, consenting adults should have the rights to live the way they want. How this is even arguable, especially when considering how little, if at all, this will affect anyone else, is beyond me.

Of course, opposing views are what makes for a good, just, debate. But really I believe this a debate that doesn’t need to happen. It’s a non-debate. It should not even be an issue. But it seems it is!

So yes perhaps I am showing a bias, because I have a number of friends and acquaintances who consider themselves self part of the community that this “vote” is directly targeting, it is potentially playing with their lives and their wellbeing. But it’s not just my friends, it should be about everyone, of course it should. We need to share this land, this world, we need to live amongst each other, interact with each other.

And therein lies the rub when it comes to those opposing yes to equal right for all, which is basically what it comes down to. In the end, what difference does to make to YOU PERSONALLY if someone else decides to marry, to enter into a legally binding arrangement? Really what harm can that do to you or anyone else? Really?!

Some abstractly interpreted book says it’s “wrong”? Is that how we all should decide the laws of the land, especially if we want church and state separated? Okay you may not be used to two ladies or two gentlemen holding hands or giving each other a peck on the cheek in public.
But seriously, we all need to put on our big boy, big girl, big transgender pants and grow up a bit and see that actually it really shouldn’t matter. It should be as much as a non-issue for all as it is for me as a straight man to feel the freedom to do that with my female wife.

What else can it be if that’s not what bothers you? God(!) forbid someone else have the same rights as you? An element of their life differs to yours so they should have less rights? Really?!

So really, do I have a bias? Or if looked at objectively, is this actually a non-issue that been made an issue that marginalises a portion or society for absolutely no good reason? This is not a biased view, it just makes sense.

This whole postal vote debacle is expensive and the more unfortunate outcome is it is seemingly bringing out the negativity and hurtful, unfair mudslinging against the LGBQTI community as was predicted.

So it’s going to happen, so lets get this ghastly business over as soon as possible, give all of us some dignity again, for crying out loud!

I urge you again to look in your heart and see that being fair to someone else does not impact negatively on you, it will likely in fact make our part of the world a better place. We know this vote is non-binding and who knows where it will lead, if anywhere. But sending a YES to equality message to the “powers that be” is a good start.

So going by the algorithms, I’m probably just preaching to the converted, but I hope others get to read this. And I hope those in my circle continue to fight the good fight and spread the word.



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