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Crossed over (June 25, 2017)

Crossed over, a last bastion and a new apocalypse.
Sounds and visions of the sullun and a small black box.
There is something important to be said

Crossing (June 13-18, 2017)
image by Wayne Chappell

As part of the Dark Mofo festival my cohorts in the Unconscious Collective along with lighting and video designer Matt Adey/House Of Vnholy, olfactory artist Shay Xianyi and I in collaboration with Gail Priest creating soundscapes, altered enhanced and transformed a series of Uniting Churches, in Launceston, Cleveland, Ross, Oatlands, Kempton and Hobart, along a 201 km span through the Tasmanian midlands one night after the other. These installed churches also housed live performances by Melbourne based Thereminist Miles Brown and organist J.P. Shilo. Pretty much full houses each night and many favourable responses, (as well as a couple of not so favourable ones). I performed some twangy, Cooder-inspired guitar in Cleveland, live fiery and friction based foley in Ross, watery textures in Oatlands and minimalist drums in Kempton. All the while Gail mixed, manipulated and occasionally vocalised along with hers and my soundscape material. Was wonder to work with Gail in this way and hope to do it some more in the future. I also got the opportunity to play cymbals and percussion with Miles and J.P. during their set on the final night in Hobart, which was a lot of fun. A great project to have been part of and I must again reiterate my thanks to each and every person I worked with on this. At some point Gail and I may release the soundscapes we created in some form, but in the meantime a photo album I created can be viewed here:
There are also some videos to be seen here:
If you are on Instagram, consider following:
to see more images.

The Last Bastion (Long Gallery, June 18, 2017)
Following on from that last performance and installations at Scots Church in Hobart, I snuck down to the Long Gallery at Salamanca Arts Centre to play a 30 minute set, closing off Brendan Wall’s curated series of performances called ‘The Last Bastion’. I presented a new piece called “A New Redemptive Apocalypse”. Folks seemed to like it. Thanks for asking and having me Brendan.

A New Redemptive Apocalypse (in 4 parts) – new release

And with the above in mind, I’ve made available for a paltry amount of $2, a live in the studio version of the piece that I performed at The Last Bastion.
It’s available here:

For a group exhibition curated by Colin Langridge coming up at Contemporary Art Tasmania, opens 21st of July, I’ve created a video and sound work. Here’s a still:

“Sullun explores “blackening the world” as a lifestyle choice; done with noise, metal, screaming death, hate, drone, violence, anti-sentiment, anachronism and, of course the colour black.”
I’m in pretty amazing company and there will be performances at the opening.
More info here:

Small Black Box – gig
Coming up on Sunday 6th of August, I’m scheduled to perform as part of the Small Black Box series, presented at East Brisbane Bowls Club, 38 Lyton Road, East Brisbane, Queensland.
Not entirely sure what my set will encompass as yet, but it will likely be droney, glitchy and include some home made instruments I call ‘Twangs’. More details here as it gets closer:

That’s about it for now, thanks for reading and be good to one and other.


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