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Regularly scheduled program (Jan 16, 2017)

Some conclusions, a house move and some upcoming stuff.
Regularly scheduled program.
There is something important to be said.

Happy new year folks, it’s 2017 and the first couple of months bring with it some activities for interested parties to check out.

First up; this coming Sunday the 22nd of January at 8:45pm I’ll be playing drums and percussion as part of No Mates Ensemble with Mat, Dani and Dylan for the live soundtrack to Man With A Movie Camera on the Main Stage at MONA. Really looking forward to it.
More info here:

Details and passes/access can be found here:

The Unconscious Collective are presenting our next iteration of Hypnapod for M*Sync at the MPavilion at the Queen Victoria Gardens in Melbourne. This participatory installation will run from 9-14 February 10am-12pm & 2pm-4pm daily.
Here is the Facebook event:

In addition, on Saturday 11th of February, we are presenting a ritual/performance/cardiophonic symphony that will include multi-voice sampled sound clustering, a drone guitar soundscape and live voice performance from our special guest artist Gail Priest.
Here is the Facebook event:

Finally, just to add, the Unconscious Collective’s project for the Menzies Centre was completed in December. It will be launched soon, stay tuned for details.

That’s it for now, hope you are all well. Be good.


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