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Some kind of vertigo – (Jan 6, 2016)

Some kind of brave new world, to take care of the vessel.
Standing on the edge of the lookout, resisting the urge. Is it some kind of vertigo?
There is something important to be said.

I say this all the time, but I do plan on making posts a little more regularly. So for my first post for 2016, I’ll start with this.

mumble(speak) – I mumble goodbye (to 2015)
As I mentioned last post, the plan is to put to rest the solo projects under other names and concentrate on my own. It’s not that I dislike anything I’ve done under those names, but I don’t like clutter. So as a farewell, both to 2015 and to mumble(speak); here is a final track.

Other mumble(speak) material can be found here:

So January
is going to be a pretty busy month and here’s what’s happening.

Art practice:

My friend and sometime collaborator Amanda Shone  is creating a work called Viewpoint appearing at MONA FOMA in conjunction with Salamanca Art Centre’s Situate: Art In Festivals.
I created some sound design in collaboration with her for the piece. I really like what I created and can’t wait to experience it in situ.
Fri 15 & Sat 16 Jan: 10am – 9pm
Sun 17 Jan: 10am – 7pm at Mona

Speaking of Situate, I’ve been invited to be a guest provocateur for
I will be presenting a workshop on called: Finding new experiences through sound: the difference between hearing and listening on the 19th. Thanks to Situate and SAC for asking me.

M*SYNC – on and off for most of 2015 The Unconscious Collective has worked on a project called Hypnapod and has thus far seen a couple of test iterations. We will present another version at M*Sync: a one-off full-moon party at M Pavilion using moonage beanbags in collaboration with Jonnine Standish (HTRK) on 24 January.

Haunts – the irregular live video and sound collaboration project with Scot Cotterell and Andrew Harper will be performing in support of Omahara at new Hobart Artist Run Initiative  Visual Bulk on January 30. Here’s what happened last time we did something.

Forest Of Dreams my public art project made with the Unconscious Collective at Dunalley Primary School is due to be completed this month. Here’s the plaque (image David Patman):

Machines Of Indeterminate Origin continue to arrange and record for our next release.
Our studio diaries can be found here:
Here’s the latest one:

Also to ring in the new year M010 did an imaginary ‘Rage’ programming playlist on Mixcloud.

M010 haven’t gigged much in 2015. We released our single with an intimate show back in April and have been writing, arranging and recording on and off since then. We thought we’d end the year with a playlist of what we like, what we listen to regularly and things that have influenced us.
It’s bookended with the A and B side of our last single

Somewhere in the middle is a couple of rarer or exclusive cover tracks we did. The Godflesh cover appears on the fantastic Godflesh tribute record ‘Doing God’s Work’ –
The Danzig cover appeared as a ‘hidden’ track (# 66) on the now virtually out of print CD version of our second EP ‘0.5 – ASSUMPT10N’ from 2011.
The playlist is:
01. Machines Of Indeterminate Origin – Calculator
02. Hawkwind – Born To Go
03. Bomb The Bass featuring Justin Warfield – Bug Powder Dust
04. The Saints – Erotic Neurotic
05. Roky Erickson and The Aliens – Night Of The Vampire
06. Killing Joke – Asteroid
07. Machines Of Indeterminate Origin – Mighty Trust Krusher
08. Machines Of Indeterminate Origin – Twist Of Cain
09. Voivod – The Prow
10. Creedence Clearwater Revival – Sweet Hitchhiker
11. Battle Of Mice – Yellow And Black
12. Scott Walker & Sunn – Bull
13. Kate Bush – Violin
14. Machines Of Indeterminate Origin – Meat Dog

The Lucky Dips
I’m still rather new to this outfit, but have been enjoying the experience and the other guys seem pretty happy with my contribution. We have a couple of gigs this month. Keep an eye out for announcements:

Wish me luck, be good to each other.


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