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In Silence Stands – Blog post May 30, 2015

Exhausted by some of the decisions I’ve made, inspired by seeing a long admired artist’s body of work. Growing older, breathing, opening eyes, disappointed by elements of humanity, overjoyed by others.
There is something important to be said.

It’s been a while, bit of a catch of whats happened over the last few months.


My duo with Aaron Metcalf known as Machines Of Indeterminate Origin recently released a single called ‘Meat Dog’/’Calculator’. With an impending new body of work on the horizon, M010 thought it would be nice to release this transitional material as a 2 track single, both sides reflecting M010’s varied sound and influences.
Released on April 18, 2015, the single came in a number of formats:
1. Download (mp3, FLAC, WAV)
2. A limited edition of 20 lathe cut 7″ singles – individually hand cut by Peter King in NZ, housed in acetate hand numbered sleeves and including download code for digital versions of both stereo and mono mixes.
3. A limited edition of 15 CD/DVD packs containing a CD single and a DVD of 5 M010 video clips.
All available from:
Clips for both songs can be seen:
M010 will now continue to woodshed and work on the new material. Stay tuned.

I had the pleasure of playing drums alongside Brendan Walls and Greg Kingston at Kelly’s Garden, Salamanca Arts Centre, for a kind of live performance iteration of Brendan’s installation called Elements Of Refusal on Saturday Feb 7. No sure if anyone got a recording…it was great fun. Would love to do it again. Here’s the kit in situ!

Played with Mat Ward’s No Mates Ensemble at Rosny Farm for the opening of Kerosene Child/So I Ran My Camera on Feb 18. Here’s the result.
Will be working with Mat again in the future, stay tuned!

On March 2, 2015 I presented my final show of The Small Hours radio show. Not indefinitely, but am on hiatus for a while. I love doing the show, there’s no other reason to stop other than I currently don’t have time. I will try and update the Mixcloud page and archive my show.

Some new work in progress; a new single channel ‘drone’ video:
In Silence Stands (Mondo Box – Burnie 2014) started in June 2014 whilst on residency in Burnie and completed in March 2015.

I performed for the first time with the very excellent Pip Stafford at Sound Klub 13, Grand Poobah, Hobart. Thursday April 23, 2015. Recorded by Menno Bontes.

So two things that have kept me pretty busy over the last few months have been the following:

I’m producing some sound and video for the ‘Wild At Heart’ project at Cradle Mountain as part of the Unconscious Collective. Go to:
for more details.

And also for a while now, I’ve been curating Envelop(e) – a sound and light group exhibition for Contemporary Art Tasmania. I’m very pleased to have such a superb selection of artists in the show;
Julian Day (AUS), Mick Harris (UK), Jason James (AUS), Christina Kubisch (GER) and Elizabeth Veldon (UK).
It opens on June 10 at 7:00pm and continues on until July 19. There is a website I’ve produced for this at:
and of course other info can be found here:

That’s it for now. See you on the other side.


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