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Haunts, 0s & 1s and breaking the negative cycle – Jan 29, 2015

Some of us, in our own ways, are trying to break the negative cycle.
You would think it would be common sense to not cross certain lines or enter certain circles before being invited wouldn’t you? Think!
Living in the dark, you sometimes need to make your own light. And vice versa.
Shouting online is still just 0s and 1s.
Today, I walk this ground with respect, for those who walked before me, those who will walk in the future. The Earth was here before us all.
And the sounds return and can be heard outside the dome.
An incessant hauntological wormhole equals a fairly sleepless night.
There is something important to be said…

January saw a flurry of activities.

I was in a show of 3 exhibiting artists (along with Sally Ann McIntyre and Alex Bishop-Thorpe) in the Paddy Lyn space at my old Gallery Coordinator stomping ground (albeit with a different name) Constance ARI. Opening on January 9 and presented as part of MONA FOMA, I presented a surround-sound, object and light installation called  Time Is Of The Essence (ritual space). It looks and sounds a little like this. If you are in Hobart, it runs until January 31. Constance ARI – 100 Goulburn St, Hobart.

My duo Machines Of Indeterminate Origin played our first gig of 2015, on January 10 at the Grand Poobah with Eden and Dead Horse. It was an interesting gig in many ways and prompted the band to change up some things about our approach to playing live, possibly not visible to punters, but will be for us. Here is At The Party from the show, I’m sure folks may recognise the topical reference!

I haven’t performed a DJ Broken Tiny set for a while, but thanks to Jordan Marson’s excellent event ‘The Noise Edition‘ I had the opportunity to do so. This event was a kind of alternative to MOFO, a one day show of experimental music over two stages at the Grand Poobah. I saw a few sets during the day, oscillating between there and PW1 (home of MOFO live gigs). Following the Swans set, I wandered back up and played a set of krautrock, space rock and garage psych. Folks seemed to dig it and I really enjoy doing it. Let me know if anyone wants some spinning of discs in that or a related vein.

First mumble(speak) show for about 6 months.
Faux Mo is a series of MONA FOMA ticketed after-parties, this and previous years held at the Odeon Theatre on Liverpool Street, Hobart. I was invited to perform as mumble(speak) in a small room dubbed The Crypt. Although it was scheduled against and had to compete with some noisy, beauty stuff on the mainstage it seemed to go over well. Some images:

This was followed by the duo Evil Goat and then the debut of the live AV performance trio HAUNTS, basically myself and the two Evil Goat guys, again in The Crypt. It was very psychedelic, loud and quite intense. We will hopefully do it again! Here is some footage from my vantage point on the stage:

As mentioned above my show at Constance, runs until the  31st and will culminate in an artist talk, which will actually be a conversation between myself and fellow exhibitor Sally Ann McIntyre. We will basically be interviewing each other and sharing the questions as well as opening it up to the audience.  Saturday Jan 31 at 2pm; Constance ARI – 100 Goulburn St, Hobart.

M010 will be playing with Axe Giant, Woe and Ruiner & The Threshold Forms
at the Brisbane Hotel, Hobart on Saturday February 7.
Details here:

Also earlier that day, I’ve been invited to perform drums in a performance with and guitarist Greg Kingston and Brendan Walls with his installation at Kelly’s Garden, Salamanca Arts Centre, called Elements Of Refusal as part of a series of Saturday on-site performances. Saturday Feb 7 5:30pm.

Be good to one and other.


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