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July 21, 2014 – learning, breathing, reacting.

It gets me through the days and the nights, to know that to a certain extent, we are all learning. Learning how to get along, learning about our differences, learning about how to make the path we travel together smoother. Some of us pretend to know what’s going on when we don’t, to save face perhaps. It’s okay not to be sure. There is no crime in saying ‘I don’t know’.
Some choose to remain ignorant I guess, but I actually think, in the scheme of things, that’s pretty rare. Some of us ‘get’ things quicker than others, it doesn’t mean we’re not trying.
Let’s take a breath and see what happens, lets not jerk our knees straight away. Of course some things are urgent and maybe should have been done yesterday.
But listening can be as helpful as speaking, even if…
There is something important to be said.

Some recent happening.
New Website look and update.
It’s taken a while, but I’ve finally updated and redesigned my website. It covers a little more ground and attempts to put most of my activities in one place.
Check it out:

Reminder; go check out my page on Forever Now; please feel free to leave comments and help get me into space.

Back in May I contributed a new, short sound work called ‘A Sönaris Communique‘ for Julia Drouhin’s “I Married A Dead Ice Cream” radio art event.
It happened on May 18, 2014 at the Plaza Instituto (Parchís) in Gijón, Spain.
For me details go to:

During May and June myself and Sally Rees (with Arthur in tow) undertook an Artist Residency courtesy of Arts@Work at our shared former High School, Burnie High in the North West of the state. A very fruitful and inspiring time was had. The end of the residency felt very much like the beginning of many things that were just sketched out, both singularly and collaboratively. A very big thanks must go to the staff at BHS for making us feel welcome. Our activities were blogged at:

Motel Dreaming
Our time in Burnie was briefly interrupted when I had to return for a gig I has as part of this year’s Dark Mofo. I worked as sound and video artists along creative directors Michelle Boyde and David Patman, Lighting designer/VJ Jason James as part of the Unconscious Collective alongside a number of performers and technical staff to create Motel Dreaming. The event took place on June 17 at (and around) the Riverfront Motel. Most of the details, including images and media coverage on this event can be found at the website: http:/

I’d also like to post here link to some examples of my work that I produced (including a beautiful siren song with voice performed by Gail Priest) here:

And a very excellent piece created by Miyuki Jokiranta for Radio National about Dark Mofo, but with special focus on ‘Motel Dreaming’. You can hear my dulcet tones, both speaking and my sound design for the project scattered throughout.

Piece contributed to Constance show:
Constance ARI (formerly Inflight, my former employer) recently presented a show in the mainspace of Board/committee members through time. Called “Constantly Inflight”, I contributed a short single channel video work called: 42 Layers Of The Lifeforce. Go see this and the other excellent works by a talented bunch of folks until August 2nd.

Quite a few years in the making, I finally released my soundscape/field recording/electro acoustic album Métier on my 43rd birthday. It’s available as a download and a (very) limited edition hand numbered CD-r version with hand crafted sleeve, with an individually drawn self portrait. I’m very happy with this body of work and glad it’s out there now.

Coming up
mumble(speak) III – ‘real and imagined scenarios’ is complete and in the process of being prepped for release. This is another one I’m super happy with and really looking forward to having it out. Details on release date/launch/format/availabilty soon.

Machines Of Indeterminate Origin
M010 haven’t played for quite a few months. We have been writing and arranging and making plans, but thought it would be nice to play a gig. And so on Saturday July 26 we will be playing at the Brisbane Hotel. We’ll be including some new material in the set and vinyl, CDs, cassettes and a few T-Shirts will be available. Also very excited to be playing with Pinchgut and Ruins & The Threshold Forms.

M010 are working on a couple of future releases; a new EP in a couple of interesting formats(!) and contributing a cover of ‘Mighty Trust Krusher’ to a Godflesh ‘Streetcleaner’ anniversary “tribute” compilation. Also working on some potential local and interstate gigs. Stay tuned.

Volume 2 of ‘Convergence’
Myself and Rough Skies Julian Teakle are beginning to work on the curation of Volume 2 of ‘Convergence’, the compilation of Hobart noise and experimental music.. We already have a number of tracks ready to go and we will begin finalising the lineup and order soon. Expect a launch in the next couple of months.

That’s it for now. Be good to one and other. Share the world, play nice and if you don’t want to play nice, make sure the person you’re playing with says it’s okay.


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