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Some positive news…April 28, 2014

Some updates and some upcoming stuff.
There is something important to be said…

MUSIC news/updates:
M010 played a show earlier in the year with Omahara at the Grand Poobah, but basically we’ve been a bit quiet on the live front. That will change shortly. In the meantime we’ve been working on some new material and jamming regularly. We’ve made available a ‘live in the studio’ session via our Soundcloud page here:

Also for Sydney-siders…M010’s limited edition, hand numbered full length vinyl album ‘1.0 SYMPT0MS’ on Rough Skies Records is available in your neck of the woods at the wonderful Repressed Records in Newtown.

I have a track called called “Terminal 1 – Arrivals” on the I Am The Tiger: a Black Circle Tribute to Abba’s Arrival compilation through Black Circle Records. Free/name your price download.

There is also a mumble(speak) track on the recently released compilation Convergence vol 1; details below…

I’m soon to release mumble(speak) III – real and imagined scenarios, a new full length album that features 11 tracks and includes some wonderful collaborative guests; Laura Altman (Great Waitress/The Splinter Orchestra), Carolyn Gannell (Laura/Bodies Drawn Backwards), Felix Ratcliff (Time Office), Mark Spybey (Dead Voices On Air/Zoviet France) and stage & film actor (and former drummer for Sea Scouts) Sara Pensalfini, and looks like this.
ImageReally looking forward to getting it out there. There are these preview clips out there already:

Stay tuned for details on the release.
In preparation of the new release, I’ve updated the mumble(speak) bandcamp page to include all the mumble(speak) releases I’ve put out myself, some previously only available in physical form. There is fact a very limited surround sound DVD…1 left!
Hope you find something you like if you haven’t grabbed it already:

Dust and Data:
Speaking of archiving; I’ve now got a Bandcamp-based label that is used to house my past solo, one-off, collaboration and band music projects. So far there are releases from Project Airsheet (collaboration with Ted Colless), zeropointzero (one off DnB inspired solo project) and TIMEOFFICE (my post-Bodies Drawn Backwards band with Felix Ratcliff and for a while my brother Nick).

Speaking of BODIES DRAWN BACKWARDS, my old band (1993-98), with the blessing of all band members, I’ve remastered and posted both demo tapes and the completed, but unreleased album.
Go grab em, they’re free!

The Non-Compliant Airmen is a new noise/protest project I’m involved with.
Details and some sounds can be found here:

There’s been a couple of editions of Sound Klub this year so far, including the milestone # 10 which featured our first international guest in Sally Ann McIntyre (aka Radio Cegeste) and # 11 which included Melbourne duo Maria Moles and Adam Halliwell along with launch of Convergence Vol 1 (details below). Here’s some documentation:
Sound Klub 11:

Sound Klub 10:,+2014

Convergence Vol 1:
Myself and Rough Skies Records label guy Julian Teakle co-curated a compilation of Hobart experimental music and noise artists for download and limited edition hand numbered cassettes, with artwork by Sally Rees. We are both very proud of the record and it’s got an incredible array of talent. Stay tuned for a Vol 2 later in the year. Get Vol 1 here:
First review:

The Small Hours Radio show.
I was invited by Mike at Future Music FM radio in the UK (broadcast/streamed on the net) to create a regular show for their station.  
I accepted and the result is ‘The Small Hours – the esoteric, the abstract, the experimental, the pioneering and the psychedelic side of electronic music. It’s on fortnightly and details and archive can be found here:

I recently submitted a sound work called ‘Storm Brew’ (part of a larger body of work called ‘Metier’) for a project called Forever Now.
Give it a listen and feel free to comment and big it up. Get me in space!

Myself and Ms Rees will soon undertake a hauntological Artist residency at both our formative/teenage stomping grounds Burnie High School on the North West of the state. We both have some plans of what will occur, but the beauty of the AIR program through Arts@Work/Arts Tasmania is that it remains to be seen what will emerge. Suffice to say, the place is rife with memories and personal ghosts, some friendly, some otherwise. These will figure into the work no doubt.

We will return to Hobart for MONA’s ‘Dark Mofo’ festival, not only to witness the great program, but also myself to be a contributor. As a member of the Unconscious Collective, I/we will present Motel Dreaming at the Riverfront Motel and Villas on the evening of June 17.
Ticket details:
Project details:

New website coming soon at BTW.

Please be good to each other.


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