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A negative rant…April 28, 2014

There is something important to be said…

I wrote a lot more, but essentially, it’s kind of whiny and negative and who needs to read it? I could be more specific, naming names, specific subjects…again who needs to hear it? These little paragraphs should cover what’s bugging me.

1. M010 have a song title; ‘Keep pretending until the lies become the truth’, it’s a fiction. For the most part, lies don’t become truth. There is absolutely no shame in saying ‘I’m not sure’ or ‘I don’t know’. Nor is coming clean and admitting that an opinion is not always a fact. Otherwise, you are just being dishonest.

2. It’s good to remember that we are all learning where we individually sit in the world, where we’d like to sit and which ‘side’ we’re on, maybe those sides change. Hopefully we will be forever learning something new. Otherwise we may as well be dead. With that in mind, I continue to try and not be cynical and try to take everything on a case by case basis. I want to learn, I want to be on the side of good and I’m still learning how. Some of us are slower than others, some of us may never learn. But while it’s useful to know your enemies, it’s good to recognise your allies.

3. Why is it, that some folks don’t have the respect for others or a sense of courtesy to answer and reply to a question, a query or a conversation in the virtual world? Yes, yes, I know we are all very busy, but that’s my point…these mechanisms, (email, PMs, texts etc) are in place to allow our busy lives to be more communicable. Not a priority? I understand, but again, the beauty of this technology is that it is a means to produce a short, simple, non-time consuming answer and get on with your duties. I think I have delayed a maximum of 3 days where I know a reply is required. Anything else is just rude.
A quick ‘Yes’ is fine, a quick ‘no’ is totally cool, a ‘I’m not sure’ is totally acceptable. What is not acceptable is silence. A ‘nothing’ drives me crazy!

Rant over.


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