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Long overdue – September 12, 2013

There is something important to be said…

Wow…time flies, it’s been over a year since my last confess…I mean blog post.
It simultaneously feels like little has happened and also a whole world of things have happened. Fatherhood as a primary caregiver has forced me to focus my spare time quite rigidly (either that or I have a nap!) and so lots of smaller projects have taken place.

Not sure where to start, so I’ll just cover the more recent activity and some of the upcoming stuff.

> On June 22, as a late addition to the ‘Satanalia’ bill for Dark MOFO, Andrew Harper and myself under the moniker Horror Mashup presented a 20 minute DJing/VJing live improvised remix using Horror and industrial films on VHS overlaid and the audio from them, manipulated and mixed with other soundtracks and the like. This is the second incarnation of this have tested it out earlier in the year at the ‘Stranger With My Face’ horror festival. We both feel this project has evolutionary potential. We will see where it goes. Here are some excerpts from the ‘Satanalia’ set.
[vimeo 72877764 w=500 h=281]

> I’ve been doing some archiving of late:
Still was a collaborative project with Darren Cook from October 2012 during the Queenstown Heritage and Arts Festival, the visual arts element of which was curated by Inflight ARI (of which I had recently departed as Gallery Coordinator).
Here is some documentation of the installation.
[vimeo 71092760 w=500 h=281]

Stoic Rhythms – July 2013 was the 10 year anniversary of my research trip to Germany (and my first European visit ever). And so I thought it would be a good time to post one of the fruits of that trip, my krautrock fan documentary up online in chapters. Here it is:

My PhD project 2006-2009
Suspension Of Disbelief was a Post-Graduate research project I undertook between 2006 and 2009. All relevant submitted material is now available for download or stream online and can be found here:

Machines 0f 1ndeterminate 0rigins releases, reviews interviews etc.
The long awaited, (well for us) release of M010’s first full length album ‘1.0 SYMPT0MS’ finally happened on June 28 at The Brisbane Hotel. For that launch gig we had available the CD-R and cassette version (produced by Sonoptik) and a pre-order form with download code for the vinyl. Due to a strange glitch with my email that meant a message to our mastering guy didn’t get through and a backlog of jobs at the pressing plant due to Record Store day, the vinyl was delayed and unavailable for the June 28 launch which had been booked months earlier.
These formats are available here:

Just prior to that launch gig, the clip for ‘Stab’ created by Sally Rees was completed and debuted online. It is wonderful and looks like this:

M010 made it’s interstate debut, playing a pair of shows in Melbourne on the 5th and 6th of July. First night was at The Old Bar and was pretty packed:


Here’s some video of ‘Nurse!’ from that gig courtesy of my brother Nick’s phone.

Gig 2 was at the Public Bar and was a bit of a piddly turnout, but was still an experience.



M010 eventually ‘re-launched’ the album on vinyl on August 17 at the Grand Poobah a couple of weeks after the vinyls arrived, beautifully mastered by James Plotkin (of Scorn, OLD and Khanate) and skilfully pressed by Gotta Groove, both in the US. This release is in conjunction with Hobart’s Rough Skies records and M010 want to sincerely thank Julian Teakle for assisting us in having a piece of vinyl that emits our sounds, it’s a bit of dream come true.

Here is a simple descriptive review of the album:

And an interview I undertook regarding M010 for the same online zine.

Matt Warren releases:
Under my own name I create electro-acoustic and field recording based stuff that’s more aligned to my gallery and art practice and there has been a variety of sounds I’ve created coming out mainly for download. Some compilations, some EPs. And in the spirit of archiving I’ve also put up a compilation of my soundworks collated in 2004. Here are links:

There’s a couple more compilation still to be released as well, stay tuned.

The Non-Compliant Airmen releases
My harsh noise/power electronics/protest project has started releasing things.
A couple of compilation appearances and a self-released EP with proceeds to the Tasmanian Gay and Lesbian Rights Group.
All info/links can be found at:

Broken Tiny material on compilation.
My mate Mark Stone (Concrete Field/:M:19:) put together a label/compilation called Noise In Opposition.
Broken Tiny contributed a track called ‘Isms’, and a collaboration/vs with :M:1:9: called ‘Opposed’
It’s here:

mumble(speak): my drone/ambient project is currently working on a new full length album, this time with some contributions from others on certain tracks that I’m quite excited about. Here is something in progress:
[vimeo 70609687 w=500 h=281]

HIC at Sound Klub
Sound Klub rolls on thanks to the injection and energy of Josh Santospirito. There’s been a few since last I posted and the activities can be found at: and

The last one: Sound Klub 9, included an appearance of the Hobart Improv Collective that was kind of loosely ‘directed’ in that I structured it so the group of 5 performers swapped instruments every five minutes. Seemed to work well. Here are some images courtesy of Josh and a recording courtesy of Black Paul:

> Here is a preview for an ongoing collaborative project with Amanda Shone. Stay tuned for more info.
[vimeo 70270571 w=500 h=281]

Other upcoming sound stuff
I’ll be doing some sound experiments at Pip Stafford’s event ‘Testing Testing’ TONIGHT!

M010 at ‘Ampocalypse 3’ Friday Sept 13, 2013:

Some upcoming snippets to look out for;
> The Third Sea #3 event will be team vs team kind of thing on October 18th. Don’t want to give anything away at this stage, but it will be fun so keep an eye out.

> An international, mulit-person sound/experimental music event overseen by Julia Drouhin  in late October.

> Julian Teakle and I to curate a local noise/experimental sound/music compilation for Rough Skies.

> M010 will also appear on the next Rough Skies compilation ‘Community 3’ with an exclusive track ‘Rejection Letter’.

> I’m doing sound design for She’s Not Performing – a play to be performed at the Backspace Theatre in late November.

Plimsoll Inquiry is a series of events, performances, workshops and exhibitions based around the Plimsoll Gallery at the Artschool on Hunter Street, Hobart.

For this
> I am curating an exhibition called Ghost Hunters with Scot Cotterell, Cath Robinson, Laura Hindmarsh, Melanie Herbert and Tom Hall.

> Myself and Tricky Walsh
will collaborate on creating a ‘Numbers Station’:

> and I’m overseeing an Expanded Cinema performance by the Hobart Improv Collective who will be performing a live improvised score to the 1913 silent film ‘The Student Of Prague’

For more info on these PI activities I will be presenting an Art Forum at the Art School lecture theatre this Friday at 12:30. If you cant make it more info will be forthcoming regarding the specific projects.

Phew busy times.

Oh yes…there’s been an election. Here’s my response:
[vimeo 74012115 w=500 h=281]



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