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Untying knots – August 9, 2012

Genuine strength and confidence or a facade? Intuiting the truth and allowing the flaws and weaknesses. Slowly zeroing in. Slowly untying the knots. Towards a greater good. Last few pages of a chapter. Deciding what to read next. Time for woodshedding?
There’s something important to be said.

Leaving Inflight.
On Friday July 13, I worked my last day as Gallery Coordinator at INFLIGHT ARI after two and a half years. It really was time for a change. One can easily get stuck in a rut. When you are no longer willing or able to give 100 percent to the position for whatever reason, it is not fair to the organisation or yourself to continue. In many ways, being behind the scenes of setting up shows and the day to day operations of a gallery meant that more and more I was not going to galleries to see exhibitions..and this is not a good thing for someone in my position and my interests. However my time there was educational, incredibly fulfilling, extremely challenging and highly rewarding. I’d like to thank the organisation for taking me on and to each and every Board member past and present that I had the opportunity to work for and alongside. Got to meet some amazing artists along the way as well and for that I’m grateful.

And so there has been some changes in my situation. My lovely talented partner has taken up the opportunity to return to study for a PhD . I will continue to make music and art, but a priority is learning more about being a father. This is also challenging (of course), but I’m enjoying it immensely. In the down times, catching up on reading books and watching films I’ve been meaning to ingest. Essentially I am trying to get as well as I can both mentally and physically and maintain a balance.

One thing I’ve always held dear is being allowed to be yourself, to be an individual, with differences and flaws. But that also includes accepting other’s differences and flaws. Of course that sounds obvious and yet some seem to forget it (or chose to ignore it). I’m guilty of it too, but I’m always trying. Unfortunately the two recent mass shootings seemingly due to ignorance and this baffling ongoing homophobia perpetuated by political vote-buying and pitting someone’s morals against anothers, are extreme examples that there’s still a way to go in this department. Somewhere, somehow we all have to co-exist in whatever society we live in. I believe that this isn’t our world, we’re just passing through so we should make the most of it while you’re here, whatever you may do. Just remember there are others out there too, trying to do whatever they can. Respect that, respect difference, respect imperfections. Imagine the blandness of the world if we were all the same. Never a heavy drinker, I’m coming up to 20 years of complete teetotalism. So it’s a lifestyle I’ve been living for quite a while now, not a passing fad. Not looking for a pat on the back, just saying that it is a chosen lifestyle that seems to be slightly in opposition to my culture’s norm. It’s hardly rebellious, but certain expectations of cultural norms have meant that from time to time, my lifestyle has been questioned and ridiculed and I didn’t appreciate it. That doesn’t mean that one should be afraid to call people on their bullshit or even question their lifestyle, especially if it genuinely affects you negatively. After all healthy dialogue and debate is a useful tool to negotiate the world, but you can do it respectfully even if you don’t respect the ethos/religion/lifestyle etc.
There is a difference in ‘telling it like it is’ and ‘telling it as you see it’.

So rant over…here’s what I’ve been up to and what’s coming up.

In A Silent Way
I was fortunate to be chosen for the CAST Curatorial Mentorship, late last year and have had recently had open the fruits of my curatorial labour, the 8 person sound exhibition In A Silent Way. For info on the show: go here. The opening night, July 27 was well attended and included a wonderful performance by two of the visiting Sydney artists Laura Altman and Monica Brooks. The following day there was a symposium held in the gallery before a reasonable size audience (especially considering the weather) that included myself chairing, Laura and Monica, local exhibiting artist Darren Cook and visiting friend and collaborator, performance artist Deborah Pollard. We discussed various topics related to the curatorial premise and sound in general. It has been a fantastic experience and I’d like to thank Colin and the rest of the folks at CAST. But in particular I’d like to thank all the artists for contributing and believing in the concept.
Here are some images from the opening and of the installed works:

In A Silent Way – opening

In A Silent Way – Opening, Laura performs

In A Silent Way – opening, Monica performs

In A Silent Way – installed works II

In A Silent Way – installed works

You can download a gallery ‘walk through’ audio documentation from here
And for those interested there is a limited edition, hand numbered CD compiling the artists’ works. Please contact CAST.

Music activities:
As a preview of the upcoming album (date and title TBC) M010 posted a short excerpt video of the track 10pm and 6am

M010 – album coming soon from Matt Warren on Vimeo.
Played a show (with myself and Tim as Untermorast opening) along with Lords of Leisure, and Oceans/Dead Comic/Polanyi on Thursday June 21 at the Brisbane Hotel. It was a nice gig, managed to pace myself over two vastly different sets. Shame the turn out was so piddly, but seems to be a symptom of Thursday nights, slightly more experimental bill and it being a tad chilly.
Anyone have any pics or recordings?
A great article written by Julian Teakle for Mess and Noise called ‘Five Bands To Watch: Hobart’ was published online on June 26, included M010. Thanks JT.
An old clip now, but M010’s – ‘MOIO’ was included in New Weird Australia’s ‘Output Device’ online video channel on June 30. There is some cool interesting things on there. Check it out:
July 7, we played a gig for headliners Dead Boomers (after the original planned act True Radical Miracles had to pull out due to injuries – Dead Boomers are a TRM side project). Treehouse opened, next us then Chrysalis played and I guested on drums for a BM inspired dirgey noise fest. Also appearing with a beautiful set was Evelyn Ida Morris. Interesting evening, nicely varied bill. Tried out some new (or unheard) material from the upcoming album too.
Following the completion of tracking for the upcoming album, we decided that we’d like to cease live appearances for a while and concentrate on mixing the record. Not that we play live that often, but focuses do tend to shift for us when we do. However we were asked to play on August 4 with Ma Brainbridge for there farewell show (well farewell to their bassist, not sure if they are actually ending). We were due to play with these guys earlier in the year, but it was cancelled for some reason, this was kind of a make up gig. Also appearing were Social Death Squad and Squid Cinema. Funny kind of show, last on which was nice, but felt a little odd to me being the show was a kinda farewell and the slot would normally be for those involved. Sounded really weird on stage as it wasn’t our gear…but you role with the punches. Found it a rather stressful show, not helped by a certain someone making a spectacle of themselves during our set…don’t want to see precious, but get the hell off my stage!  Ah, you try and roll with the psychological punches.
So anyway, short of calling it an hiatus, M010 will be woodshedding while we mix the album and make plans for the next move. See you all soon.

Played a gig on April 28 at The Grand Poobah’s Kissing Room, with Drunk Elk, Black Habit and Manchester Mourning. I tried some experiments with digitally enhanced percussion along with my usual effected vocals. Seemed to work well and we later tried it again on the above mentioned gig at the Brisbane on June 21. The Untermorast sound is still evolving. Tim seems to be trying to strip down and purify his sound a little more, while I’m adding some more sounds. I hadn’t played at this venue since it changed it’s name from ‘The Venue’ when I played I think in 2008 with TRIAD and never in the Kissing Room. Such potential with the venue, almost there, but not quite yet.

Untermorast at The Kissing Room (Photo: Bunnie Eldridge)

Hobart Improv Collective vs Tasmania Improvised Orchestra.
On the last night of work at INFLIGHT July 13, a fundraising gig for Edge Radio was held at the Brisbane. First up was Brian Ritchie’s five piece Tasmania Improvised Orchestra playing some elongated and extended jazz ‘standards’ and an original, all displaying their more than able chops. Then there was a spacey set from HIC – on this night containing Julian Teakle on bass, Josh Santospirito on guitar, Nicole O’Loughlin on piano accordion, Ben Crothers on synth, Simon Elaby on guitar and vocals and myself on drums and percussion. We then all reconvened on stage with Brian who played his Shakuhachi along with the rest of us. Again, not sure how much money was made for Edge as it was a pitfall turnout…but you got to give it a go. Come on Hobart!

Hadn’t gigged as mumble(speak) for a while but mumble related stuff has been (or will be) popping up here and there.
In very fine company, mumble(speak) appears on this excellent collection of remixes and reconstructions of field recordings of foghorns and marine environments by scutopus. Released on July 18. Download it for free:
Coming out very soon is Signalvoid. mumble(speak) (as well as my other non de plume Broken Tiny and Matt Warren) contributed to this various artists noise compilation available on USB stick or download. All artists contributed 1 minute tracks with the compilation intended to be played at random. Should be cool.
mumble(speak) did in fact appear live in a very small scale way. I performed some new mumble(speak) material I was trying out at the first Suppenklänge house concert. Thanks to Josh and Nadine for the opportunity (and soup). There is a demo of the piece and for interested folks, it’s up on Soundcloud to give a preview of what MAY be on the next mumble(speak) release.

Since late 2011 till around late May 2012 mumble(speak) has been undertaking a long distance collaboration with Concrete/Field (aka Mark Stone) from Manchester England. This has essentially been a minute by minute file sharing collaboration where one artist sends a piece, the other responds and overdubs onto it without the original artist hearing the result. Kind of an exquisite corpse work. The material is all completed and compiled now, but we are just in the process of figuring out when and how to release it. Details to follow, but as a preview, C/F+m(s) is pleased to present this video:

Broken Tiny
Again a solo project (this time power electronics, beats and drones) that does not perform that often and haven’t created much new material recently. – However Broken Tiny has contributed a new (1 minute) track to the aforementioned Signalvoid project.
There is also a remix of a track by Nostromo 180286 called ‘Aberration’that I did a while back that’s just been released on Terranean records. The rest of the album ‘Beggar’ is fantastic as well.
I do playlist DJ sets under the name DJ Broken Tiny too, usually for the Brand New Second Hand series of themed evenings. I have two coming up; August 25th – ‘The Lord’ and Sept 29 – ‘Mental Health’ at the Brisbane Hotel Front Bar.

Art practice.
Whitepinkblack Noisemy video and sound installation at Launceston’s Sawtooth ARI happened in April/June went pretty well. Here’s some images.

Upcoming sound and video installation collaboration with Darren Cook called Still for the Queenstown Heritage and Arts Festival from October 12-14. We will be installing works with the loose theme of ‘communication’ at the old disused Hospital. Stay tuned.

A long catch up, that’s it for now. Please be good to one and other.



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