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Reversing the polarity (April 26, 2012)

A change is as good as a holiday, cliches are often cliches because they are true, Trying to reverse the polarity, Prepping the calm that surrounds the storm, Trying to leave things in the time and place where they belong. Red curtains, fog, dim blue light, a quiet drone, a faint aroma of coffee and roses, distant flickering white light, cars passing outside.
There is something important to be said.

2012 so far has been a period of adjustment, major decision making and the odd event/gigs/exhibitions. Some major changes coming up, some things to be revealed soon, some bittersweet, but all positive in one way or another. But first a catchup.

January was a busy time at INFLIGHT and Sound Klub V was one of many events. Sound Klub is a loose organisation that puts on experimental music and sound events from time to time. The last few ones have been held at INFLIGHT, due in part to my position as Gallery Coordinator there, but also INFLIGHT’s desire to include a wider range of activities to their program. There were appearances by Ryan Lynch, Saul Latham and Evil Goat.


I completed a piece of text called Choose Your Own Adventure for Darren Cook and Laura Hindmarsh’s fantastic exhibition ‘Closure Loops’ at the Long Gallery, Salamanca Arts Centre. I have not been commissioned to write anything for a long time and given the subject of intersecting loops and abstracted linearity, I was very interested in this project. Thanks guys.
Did some research and meeting with artists in Sydney for my curated sound exhibition In A Silent Way.

March was a month of many varied activities.
Went to Melbourne for more research and meeting with artists for In A Silent Way in prep for the deadline at the end of the month.

Whilst in Melbourne, I got to see a gig by a musical hero of mine and a man who is a testament to a fighting spirit and the support of fellow human beings. Yes I saw a gig by Roky Erickson on March13 at The Corner Hotel. I wrote a review over here.

mumble(speak) run released March 14: A free download only release, inspired by the dystopian world of Logan’s Run on Terranean Recordings.

M010. Between 1995 and 1998 Aaron and myself played in Bodies Drawn Backwards with cellist Carolyn Gannell. Last year she guested live on a couple of songs at our EP launch, first time we played together for close to 12 years. It was a pleasure for M010 to support Caz’ band Laura on March 17 as they launched their latest album at the Brisbane Hotel, Hobart. Anyone got photos or footage?

INFLIGHT CD Launch. Around the end of February I was given the final outstanding files for preparation, ordering and final mastering of Antipodean Ruido. This is a compilation CD of sound works and experimental music co-curated by Scot Cotterell and Francisco Alvarez, 2011/12, Tasmania, Australia and Santiago De Compostela, Galicia, Spain. It is the result of an exchange project between INFLIGHT and DF Arte in Spain. The aim was to have it ready for release on March 30, an available gap in INFLIGHT’s program. So time was of essence to get it printed and pressed in a short amount of time. Nadine Kessler did an amazing job with the design at very short order. Then for me, a couple of stressful weeks when it was discovered that the already pressed discs contained a faulty track. After a few attempts at figuring out what the issue was, it needed to be remastered and replaced…..oy vey!!! Many new grey hairs! But it got done…just. And for a measly $10, it’s a bargain, contact INFLIGHT.
I mention this disc as not only did I do the mastering and organising, but my duo Untermorast also appear on it…sounding different to our ‘usual’ selves. And we appeared at the launch on Friday March 30 along with all the Tasmanian artists, Cycle, Oceans, Spheres and Evil Goat. I obviously don’t have pix
of us, as I was you know…busy. Would like some if anyone does.


SAC 35 – Space Invaders. To celebrate their 35 year birthday, Salamanca Arts Centre presented 3 days of events, including Space Invaders an evening of artists and performers situated all around SAC, some of which were not usually used to present works. I set up in a narrow corridor that led to a fire door on the second floor to present Bombora Perpetua.
LED lights, fog, drum, delay effect, PA, performance.

This performance installation plays with the idea of ritual, conducive atmospheres, duration and stamina. The starting point is the introduction drumming of the Australian surf music classic ‘Bombora’ and becomes a performed exercise in precision and decay. Wireless radio pioneer Guglielmo Marconi believed sounds never died, they just become less audible over time. With this in mind, the moments between the performed ‘cycles’ will be enhanced by a ghost drummer, echoes of a past performance. This is a hauntological reminder of what’s been performed and what’s to come and references the many years of sounds that may remain in the SAC building. Although not specifically invited to, the audience may feel so inclined to contribute to these echoes in the room as well.

On April 12, M010 along with Evil Goat opened for the album launch by Sonoptik labelmate Spheres at the Brisbane Hotel. Daniel (Spheres) played a transcendent set that more people should have experienced.

Broken Tiny my beat/dub/power electronics solo project has been fairly quiet of late. I do straight DJ sets under the name DJ Broken Tiny, but the electronic music production under than name both studio and live has been on a bit of a hiatus. However I thought it might be good to make some material available to anyone interested, pretty cheap too. For $20AUD you can have a collection of the early EPs and full length material in FLAC of mp3 on a custom made, limited edition USB stick. Also a full length album called ‘Track 2008-2011’ is also available to download for $5AUD. Please visit:

On the Saturday 28th of April, Untermorast will be opening act at 9:30 to be followed by Manchester Mourning, Ragtime Frank and Drunk Elk at The Grand Poobah – 142 Liverpool Street Hobart. Some new instrumentation experiments are planned…hmmm

Coming up in May in the New Media Gallery at Saw Tooth ARI, Launcestion my Whitepinkblack Noise – video and sound installation. May 25-June 16, 2012.

In A Silent Way – the sound exhibition I’m curating for CAST Gallery as an Emerging Curator Mentorship opens on Friday July 27 and continues until August 26. More details here.

Music releases to come some time this year…
– Foghorn remix compilation (Terranean Recordings download) – a collection of remixes/reconstructions of Foghorn and seascape field recordings by Scruto due soon. Contains a mumble(speak) track.

SIGNALVOID – a noise compilation of 1 minute pieces designed to be played on random, with mumble(speak), Broken Tiny and a track under my own name.
– C/F+m(s) A call and response collaboration between mumble(speak) and the UK’s Concrete/Field
M010 continues to record…a release hopefully by years end.

Visit again for updates as they come…take care.


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