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Short and sweet – November 12, 2011

Pinched nerve between the ribs.
One day at a time…obviously
To happily allow a break in transmission. Dead air is healthy.
Beyond the surface noise
Trying to take my time and not let time take me.
To improve on keeping my mean spirit at bay.
Trying to shut up and listen.
Short and sweet,
There is something important to be said.

Just as things started to get better in the noggin, we lost our second rabbit in a short amount of time. Goodbye Smidgen, you dear little thing. Sally was key caregiver and was amazing.
During that time I also mysteriously injured my back with a misjudged bend and twist.
I’m on the mend, but it really slowed me down which may not be a bad thing.  However it’s not good for the spirit when you can’t sleep. Anyway, enough whinging.

This is a short entry.

I recently set up a Bandcamp site called Room Of Silence which is an online label for sound works associated with my music, art and curatorial practices. An archive of older works and newer solo, collaborative and curated collections. Some free of charge, some at a minimal charge. There’s a couple of free things up at the moment.
One is called Sönaris – audio works which are sound pieces used in various incarnations of the Sönaris art works or pieces created specifically for the album.

The other is from my own archive of a couple of found documents, containing recordings of an unknown artist, discovered in Mundy Park in British Columbia, Canada, 2001 whilst living there. I digitised them and posted them for all to hear, maybe someone can shed some light?

In my mumble(speak) guise I recently remixed a track from Tom Hall’s beautiful ‘Muted Angels’ album. The remix is called ‘As To Think It’s Okay (Waiting To See You Mix)’ and can be heard and downloaded here.

The mumble(speak) and Concrete/Field collaboration has begun. Not sure what it will sound like or where it will end up, but that’s half the fun. Details when they come to hand.

Coming up:
mumble(speak) will be appearing with Moe Grizzly, Black Habit (debut) and Drunk Elk at the Brisbane Hotel, Hobart, Friday – November 18. Gig starts around 8:30 and is $5/$7 entry.

I will be DJing as DJ Broken Tiny at Ben Crothers’ Brand New Second Hand evening, this month’s theme “Seventies”! Ben’s moniker DJ BTC will host and do sets. Also DJ Doorbitch will do a set and another as yet TBC DJ as well. Should be great fun!
Front Bar, Brisbane Hotel, Hobart November 26th. They usually start around 10:00pm I think.

Other news:
I was fortunate to be granted a Curatorial Mentorship with CAST Gallery, Hobart which means I will research and curate an exhibition for their 2012 program. It’s a great opportunity and am really looking forward to getting further into it.  More details as they come to hand.

That’s it for now. Be good to each other.



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