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Straight and Narrow – May 24, 2011

Fragility and chemicals, strength behind the virtual mask, weakening, cynics and aching. There is something important to be said.

I will make a proper update of the recent comings and goings later on. I haven’t had the time to do it because, quite frankly, it’s been crazy. Not one to whine about being busy, (at least not openly), I just get on with it. Some stupid stiff upper lip crap I suppose. Over the past couple of months, I’ve made some notes and observations…here they are.

Teetotal blues. I’m not one to preach. People should and will do what they want, but we don’t all have to like it. But since sometimes people ask me why, there are no short answers, there are a multitude of angles to take. Here’s but one.
The mind is a terrible thing to waste. It is fragile, sometimes in that state you can’t trust it. But it is all you have. And because it is fragile I do ask myself often, why addle it with chemicals unnecessarily?
Staying on the straight and narrow is not the easiest thing to do at the best of times, clouding your judgement further seems absurd. This is of course my opinion, some may be able to ‘handle’ the addling. However, I’ve seen and continue to see people who can’t, people who really shouldn’t. I try not to judge though, I just get on with life and hope myself and other folks will be okay and be good to each other, but also themselves. And if people ask me why I do what I do and don’t do what I don’t do, I have nothing really to say other than to suggest they ask themselves the same question.

It’s easy to use this virtual online forum as a platform, I’m doing it now. Inform yourself first, realise what you say is there forever. You can bring the noise, but expect to be called on it.

Opinions aren’t facts, truth is relative, there are no absolutes, each to their fucking own.

Weakeners. I didn’t coin the phrase, (thanks Mr Harris), but they are everywhere.
My silence does not indicate your victory, but rather my journey on the high road.

Cynicism be damned.

I feel like a man always in recuperation.

Here’s some of my upcoming activities:

Silence Is Golden
solo exhibition at FELTspace ARI, Adelaide.
June 1 – 18, 2011

PIRATE RADIO (and other hauntologies)
exhibition with Scot Cotterell at Poimena Gallery, Launceston.
June 24 – July 16, 2011

M.0.1.0 New EP CD-R Hobart launch.
With special Guests: Evil Goat, Thrall and Cycle.
Special guest appearances by Leigh Hobba, Carolyn Gannell.
Brisbane Hotel, Hobart.
July 9, 2011

In brief: Untermorast scheduled to be included on a compilation CD, M.0.1.0 scheduled to be included on a compilation CD, mumble(speak) to release a cover single (!) for free download.

Hope to see you around one or more of these.
Be good to each other.


2 responses

  1. Stick to your guns matt. x

    May 25, 2011 at 3:36 am

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