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This is the time and life that I am living

“This is the time and life that I am living
And I’ll face each day with a smile
For the time that I’ve been given’s such a little while
And the things that I must do consist of more than style
there are places that I am going” *

There is something important to be said

Another year of ups and downs, what else is new right?
What happened? Where did the time go? Some key points from 2010.

I started some regular work, as the Gallery Co-ordinator at INFLIGHT ARI, which has been a rewarding and challenging experience. Most importantly, I’m proud to be part of such a cool Gallery with a wonderful history and fantastic future. I look forward to continuing with this in 2011.

I cannot express what a wonderful addition to my (our) life our son Arthur, now in his 8th month, has been. To encapsulate him and his impact on us in a few words would really not be sufficient and I don’t really know where to start. I also don’t want to say, ‘all you parents know what it’s like’, because before I was a parent, that kind of stuff bugged the hell out of me. Quite simply, folks are all different and experiences are not just a cliched line, but suffice to say, I enjoy him he seems to enjoy us and Art is Sally and myself greatest collaboration.
He has taught me much.

I went on my first solo tour as mumble(speak) which was not that extensive, but somehow took a lot out of me. Big projects, when finished will throw you into a lull afterwards, because it’s suddenly over after such a big buildup and prep. Not sure I’ve fully recovered because it wasn’t such a great success in terms of turnouts and ‘spreading the word’. But if I’m philosophical about it, it does seem to be true that you can learn more from failures than successes…I’m just not sure of what I’ve learnt yet.

Towards the end of the year, the Hobart Art community lost two people, both by their own hand. Out of respect I won’t name them, as those close will know whom I talking about. Although I’m sometimes mired in some very deep funks, I can thankfully say I’ve yet to ever feel like taking my own life. I’ve sometimes wondered what difference it would make if I wasn’t in the world, but that seems to me to be very different than removing myself from it. It’s more of an esoteric/abstract musing I suppose. I’m quite confused still about these deaths. I oscillate between anger because of how they selfishly left people behind,  empathy because they could not see another solution, pity because it is a weak, easy way out and admiration for having the courage to take control by removing oneself from the equation. None of these are right, none are wrong. The mind is a weird, sometimes murky place and it’s sometimes very difficult to travel through. Just wanted to say…they will be missed and although I have no real belief an an afterlife, hopefully there is some peace for them now. Beyond Blue

Although unrelated to the above, another death in the art and music world really struck me and that was the passing of Don Van Vliet/Captain Beefheart. (January 15, 1941 – December 17, 2010).
As I don’t know them personally, it’s rare that the death of a famous (albeit cult) figure overtly affects me, but this did. Firstly it was how I found out. In the morning we were sitting in the lounge room, drinking coffee, playing with Arthur, with ‘Safe as Milk’ on the turntable. I went online to the Avalanchers Forum that I regularly visit only to find it mentioned there. A similar thing happened back when Beefheart’s old sparring partner Frank Zappa died. I hadn’t listened to Zappa for a long time as even though I had tremendous respect for the man and his work ethic I was really just a casual fan of his music. However one afternoon I listened to this great Zappa bootleg I have called ‘Freaks and Motherfuckers’. Next morning, I read he had died. Weird. I knew he was sick, but it was a bit of shock still. But with Beefheart, I was introduced to him at a very formative time in my development as a musician and artist (thanks to Peter Hill) and he honestly changed the way I thought about music and art and how and what it can be. He encouraged and presented surreality, abstraction, absurdity, ugliness and joy. A giant Captain shaped hole as been left, but we still have his music and his paintings.

And so a catchup since the last Blog entry.

As it happens, I didn’t watch the skies on Halloween morning as it poured with rain…stand by

M.0.1.0 performed two shows at the Brisbane Hotel in November. Metal Matt’s birthday (Nov 6) was interesting. We had worked up our longest set we had to date only to discover at the gig, that bands sets had been slashed to 20 minutes ! Still it was rather fun anyway and we debuted a new song ‘Fatigue’ which will likely not make the new EP, but some other release I imagine.  I also did a DJ Broken Tiny set in keeping with the metal theme. I had fun with this, always enjoy DJing and a wonderful highlight was when one band member of another band playing that night, of the more glam/sleaze persuasion asked if I had anything ’80s’. At the time I was playing a Bolt Thrower song….I yelled, “this is the 80s!” He replied, “I mean some good 80s, you, know some decent rock stuff”. I laughed and said, “sorry maybe the next guys will play that”. Kids today!
We also played on a bill supporting my mate Tom Hall’s AXXONN CD launch on November 12. That too was fun, pity about the turn up. AXXONN’s current sound is like big distorted instrumental pop with sinister overtones and lots of fog. Good one Tom! Thanks for having us.

Decay Laboratory. (Nov 22 – Dec 12)
Myself, Sally and Deborah Pollard were in residency at Salamanca Arts Centre, primarily in the Peacock Theatre and the Sidespace Gallery during this period where we undertook an exploratory journey of performance, installation and sound, with the basic theme of ‘Decay’. We utilised ideas of endurance, duration and the point of failure. It was non-outcome dependent which was wonderful, allowing us to try things with out the pressure of showing them has a finished work. We did and artists talk at the conclusion and have set up a blog. We will continue to update it and we all hope to present more evolved versions of the works we started on at a later date. Thanks to all those at SAC that helped us out and for presenting this opportunity and to the Australia Council Inter arts fund for support it.

Untermorast, my duo of dark droning psych ritual experimental improv music with Tim Panaretos played a gig for Sound Klub III on December 9.
This was a sombre evening as it was the day most of us learned of one of the aforementioned deaths. This in some way enhanced the catharsis already inherent in our performances. Enjoy is not the right word, but I was happily empty afterwards. Also appearing were Cycle, Cotterell/Stafford, Oceans and Moe Grizzly.  I’ll try and get some footage up on the Sound Klub blog.

My project Broken Tiny has been fairly quiet over the last year or so, apart from live DJing playlists under the DJ Broken Tiny moniker. But around October I contributed a construction to an as yet unreleased compilation of tribute pieces to Dennis Hopper via Avalanchers Forum. More recently I contributed two pieces in December for free download (again via the Avalanchers group).
The first one was as DJ Broken Tiny and was a slow-beat, murky mashup called ‘Tryptophan Mash (The Last Christmas)’ for a Christmas themed compilation. This was available for a while, but following a dispute with the guy who mastered the compilation (and also hosted it on his site) it’s currently unavailable online. Is a pity as it’s fantastic, great to be a part of and may well be something you listen to not just during the festive season. The other piece was a dirty, dubby remix/demix of a track by Kontrol Deprivator called ‘PROTO-SUBSTANCE’. Again this appeared on a downloadable compilation amongst very fine company.  This is a cool forum to be part of with some great musicians/composers on board and there’s something another music project I have in mind for them that I hope to initiate for 2011.

2011 is already looking like an activity filled year, bring it on.
I wanted to mention a gig on Friday night, January 7 for two reasons.
One; it’s my first live thing for 2011 and I’ll be performing as part of The Hobart Improv Collective, percussion I believe, not sure who the full lineup is yet, but that’s the fluid nature of the collective. The Vivids, The Breeze and DJ BTC are also appearing.
Two; it’s the final event/closing of 6a, the Artist Run Initiative in North Hobart.
6a will be missed in the the Hobart arts and experimental music community. In it’s short life it has contributed greatly. I’ve performed in various guises a number of times there and also exhibited in early 2010 with Ms Rees. So I want to thank the board of 6a, especially Mish and Tricky and wish them the best in future endeavours.

Between 14-23rd of January will be the Hobart Art Trail, which is an series of works set in shop windows/street frontage up Elizabeth Street, heading into North Hobart. I am contributing a piece called Alien Codex consisting of sound, light, projection and fog (all being good). Not sure currently if the work will be presented everyday during that time, (seems not likely) but certainly on December 21 there is due to be a walk from Elizabeth Street mall into North Hobart from5:30. My piece will be situated at Big World Imports at 202 Elizabeth Street and can only really be viewed at night.

Production still of Alien Codex

Untermorast aka myself and Tim Panaretos have the distinct honour to be playing alongside great company as part of the 2011 Now now Festival in Sydney. This is the 10th Now now Annual festival of Spontaneous Music and it will be taking in 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 26th, 27th and 28th of January. We will be appearing on the 22nd at the Red Rattler. This is very exciting for us, really looking forward to it.

The good folks on the Board at Inflight ARI (my employers), myself and invited guests will be   exhibiting in a group exhibition called (Tasmania Is An Anagram Of) I Am Satan at Hell Gallery in Melbourne as the second part of a reciprocal exchange between the two ARIs. This opens on Friday January 28 at 6:00 running till late. The gallery is only open on Saturdays from 12-5 and should be up for about a month. Should be fun!!!

My solo exhibition, the first version of a new exploratory work called Sönaris opens at Inflight on Friday 4 February 2011. Won’t say anymore about the work at this stage except that I plan it to be an immersive, hauntological piece with random elements and room to evolve. There is a ‘trailer’ below.

Sometime in the first half of the year will be the second release from UK industrialists Concrete Lung. Some may remember I played some percussion on their ‘Waste Of Flesh’ EP in 2009. Well I recorded some more stuff, ably assisted by M.0.1.0 partner Aaron Metcalf on two tracks for this second record. Haven’t heard the final mixes/edits yet, but I trust those guys and it’s their record. I’m looking forward to hearing it, it’s a great project to occasionally be a part of.

The night of my opening on February 4, at a Hobart venue TBC, myself and good buddy and collaborator Scot Cotterell have been invited to perform as our sometimes act DÜO as part of the Tasmanian leg of a New Weird Australia tour. The following day we will be playing at the Devonport Regional Gallery in the North West of the state. Not sure what our configuration will be at this stage, but is likely to be noisy. More as it comes to hand.

Bio Logging exhibition in conjunction with University of Tasmania and CSRIO in March. Venue TBC. I’m planning two works, a reshowing of the 2008/2009 work In Haunted Attics and within the surrounding city environment, an installed soundwalk piece, as yet untitled. Stay tuned for more info as it comes to hand.

‘Silence Is Golden’ a solo exhibition of two works (Üüüüüüüüüü and The Great Reveal) will be presented in June (opening date TBC) at Feltspace ARI in Adelaide. Will let you know more soon.

M.0.1.0 took sometime off over the last couple of months of 2010, due mainly to other commitments. We will be reconvening very soon and must say I’m really looking forward to getting back into finishing the recording and designing the next phase of the band. At this stage July looks like a scheduled month for a release date with gig(s) for the next M.0.1.0 record. Cannot confirm dates yet, but likely to sit between our 40th birthdays, at least the Hobart gig anyway(!) Hopefully by the time you read this, the M.0.1.0 website will be active.

So all that in the first 6 months, amongst me turning 40 and my son turning 1, 2011 is going to be a full plate. Bring it on.

I won’t tell you my new year’s resolution, other than to say I will try and be good, better than I have been so far.

Take care of each other.

“This is the only thing that I am sure of
And that’s all that lives is gonna die
And there’ll always be some people here to wonder why
And for every happy hello, there will be good-bye
There’ll be time for you to put yourself on” *

* ‘You Set The Scene’ written by Arthur Lee, performed by Love.


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