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Musing (Oct 26, 2010)

There is a deep funk that happens following on from a big project, perhaps more so when it was a slightly disappointing outcome. The journey back out of the murk is a long one and may not be over as you first thought.
Trying to keep the demons at bay. My wife and son exorcise me daily.
Should one fill one’s life with projects as a means to a satisfying sense of achievement? Or should one strip everything back to a minimum in order to see life clearly and truly enjoy what is around you already?
Am I doing a good job at what I do? Growth and evolution is slow and patience is a virtue.
Is one speaking some kind of relative truth (truth as you see it) when talking shit behind the safety of an online avatar? Like when a drunk shoots their mouth off after consuming booze, are they telling it like it is when their mouth is loosened? Or are they just some drunk guy talking shit? Should one say anything at all? (this is the one that I wonder about the most).
There is something important to be said.

What’s happened since last post.

No prize for Project Blue Book at the City of Hobart (TMAG July 23 – Aug 29), but didn’t really expect it. Was cool to be part of. But boy, got tired of the continual tech glitches. Thanks for your patience Brian.  I say it a lot, maybe I should go back to painting, (my ex-painting teachers all shudder!). Here’s an excerpt from the video.

My work Les anges appellent (convocation) in ‘Souvenirs/Cite 3′  (Plimsoll Gallery July 30 – August 27) seemed to go off without any tech problems and was reportedly well received. I’m happy about this, knowing full well that it’s not initially the most inviting work, a strobe light, sound and flashing video. It was inspired by my experience of Gysin/Burroughs’ Dream Machine object and the ambient sound of Paris from the Cite’s studio window. The work is designed to be experience with eyes closed.

Had a good time doing my DJ Broken Tiny set for ‘Brand New Second Hand –  Drum Machine’ on July 31. Love doing these sets. Anytime Ben! For those interested, here was my (approximate) playlist:
Godflesh – Slavestate
Dälek – Paragraphs Relentless
CAN – Spoon
Bush Chemists in Dub – The Power of Tape
Suicide – Rocket USA
Donna Summer – I Feel Love (extended vers)
Kraftwerk – Metropolis
Goblin – Flashing
Grandmaster Flash and Melle Mel and the Furious Five – White Lines
Stewart Copeland – The Equalizer Busy Equalizing
Kenny Everett/Mike Vickers – Captain Kremmen (Retribution)
Alice Cooper – He’s Back (The Man Behind The Mask)
Squarepusher – Hello Meow
Jesu – Star

M0.1.0 played a short compact set at the Brisbane Hotel for the Damage/Amplified fest on September 3. We opened the night and were probably the least metal/hardcore of the night, but possibly the heaviest. There is a difference. Was a fun night with lots of hair, poses and distortion. Thanks Mischa! (photos anyone?)

In ‘The Shed’ I’ve done a bit more long distant recording for UK band Concrete Lung. This time it was on a couple of tracks for an upcoming release. Aaron contributed a bit of percussion assistance too, as well has engineering it. Not sure what the status is at the moment, but should be out at some point. Anytime fellas!

Following the Exhibition Closing/New Space Launch event at INFLIGHT on Friday Sept 24 that featured a DJ Broken Tiny set and the Native Cats performing in the rear carpark, I rushed down to the Art School for a ‘ring in’ session drumming job with The Souvlaki Six on the request from my friend and lecturer/supervisor Leigh Hobba (who plays sax in it). All covers, all the time, Milan is very entertaining!

Scheduled for Sept 30 was a MOIO gig opening for Zeni Geva with Thrall, which we were very excited about. I saw Zeni Geva back in 1997 at the Livid Festival in Brisbane and really enjoyed it and having recently played with ZG vocalist/guitarist KK Null, was really looking forward to contributing to what should have been a great bill. Due to some unfortunate occurrences that I won’t go into (I’m not sure I have the full story) the gig was cancelled at the last minute. Such a shame.

I contributed the single channel version of my 2006 work Smoke and Mirrors to The Highwire Gallery International Short Film Festival on Oct 1, 2010. This is a space in Philadelphia and sounds like a great place. I also sent a full quality version of MOIO’s clip to include somewhere, but not sure if it was used.
Thanks for the invite Tracy!
Excerpt from Smoke and Mirrors


Untermorast did a gig on Oct 14 at the Brisbane with Drunk Elk and Native Cats.
Small turnout. First gig in a while for us. Is it possible for for an improv project to be rusty? Of course a true musician blames his gear or technical problems for an underwhelming gig, but to be honest Tim was concerned about an annoying hum and I was concentrating on not getting feedback, both of us too preoccupied to really let go. Next time! Drunk Elk and the Native Cats were great.

My beautiful rabbit Noodle died after a short illness on Wednesday October 20. She will be missed.

RIP Noodle 2004-2010


Will likely be watching the skies somewhere on Halloween morning

Two M.0.1.0 shows, both at the Brisbane Hotel.
November 6 we will be playing on a bill for ‘Metal Matt’s Birthday Blitz’ (I’ll also be doing a DJ Broken Tiny set sometime in the early hours of the morning).









November 12 we will be playing with Drunk Elk, Paint Your Golden Face and Evil Goat as support for my good mate Tom Hall’s AXXONN on their album launch.










Sometime in the future M.0.1.0 will release new material, we are currently recording.








November 22 – December 12.  Decayed This is an experimental laboratory in residency at Salamanca Art Centre in collaboration with Deborah Pollard and Sally Rees. We will be exploring ideas of endurance and duration presented as performance installation. There is some kind of presentation planned at SAC towards the end, but being a lab, can’t really say what it will be yet.

During that time on December 9: Untermorast will play a show (possibly a Sound Klub presents) at The Brisbane. More details later.

I will be exhibiting more in 2011, some confirmed, some unconfirmed…will let you know.

Please be good to each other.

I quite  like Bob:


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