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Upcoming appearances – May 3, 2018

There’s something important to be said.

Some upcoming performances.
It’s a soundy kinda time in Hobart town, there is quite a few things going on including;

Friday May 11, 
Visual Bulk, 153 Argyle Street, Hobart, 6:00pm
“Invisible Factory 2” an expanded cinema event.
I’ll be performing percussion alongside Dani Kirby (keyboards/vocals) and Mat Ward (bass guitar/slide bass) producing a live soundtrack responses to shorts film, solo and in collaboration.

Thursday May 17, 8:00pm
The Grand Poobah, 142 Liverpool Street, Hobart
“Sound Klub 16”
Silent Spring (Sydney)
Primal Regression Therapy (Hobart)
Ahhh, the beach (Hobart)
I’m not performing in this one, but Sound Klub is an ongoing, but sporadic series of sound/experimental music events that I proudly co-host/co-curate.

Saturday May 19, 6:30pm

Plimsoll Gallery, Hunter Street, Hobart.
“Experimenta Up Late”.
A live collaboration with Gail Priest in response to her work ‘SonoLexic’ from the exhibition: “Experimenta Make Sense”.

Friday June 8, 6:00pm
Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, Dunn Place, Hobart.
Opening of “A Journey to Freedom” presented by Dark Mofo.
I will present a 3 hour live sound performance from 6:00pm – 9:00pm in response to the theme of the exhibition. Please note: at the time of writing my appearance is not included on the Facebook event.

Thanks for reading. Hope to see some of you Hobartians or visitors to our fair city at a gig or two.
Take care and look after yourselves and each other.

Post (4th of March 2018)

A post-State Election post.

I wouldn’t claim to know how everyone feels after the result of the recent state election. We are all different, we all have our desires for ourselves and our fellow humans.

I have people close to me from all over the political spectrum. It’s just the way it is.

Viva la difference.

Personally I’m disappointed that people voted in people that seemingly favour profit over humanity. To me it seemed patently obvious that there was a hell of a lot of dodgy stuff going on in the background as far as the Liberal party goes.

The fact that the Federal group appeared to have them wrapped around their finger. It’s pretty insidious. With Gambling Addiciton, I’ve seen the intensely negative impact on individuals and their families first hand through a couple of people very close to me. Yes, people should be allowed to decide how to spend their money and “enjoy” themselves, but seriously, lets consider NOT targeting the most vulnerable. There is also the overt and excessive advertising and the somewhat secretive schmoozing of the Tasmanian Gun lobby. As someone close to Mental Health issues, I was pretty offended by our then and still now Premier who decided it was okay to tell a fellow politician that they should “slit their wrists”, only apologising when publicly called out on it. Dude don’t say that in the first place…to anyone!!!

So with this result, it seems like for many of us there will still be many crosses to bear. But here’s the thing. As difficult as it may be, we should try and move past the dismay and depression that comes with being handed something you didn’t want and know will likely harm you and your fellow humans. We should remember all that shit that’s been touted, all the crap that’s been revealed in the wake of the election and the campaigning. Remember it, keep it your mind and constantly try to remind others of what goes down.

We sometimes feel that an election may be the chance to change things in one fell swoop. I don’t always see it that way, probably because I don’t see our governments always speaking or leading on our behalf anyway…no matter who they are. Change is much more gradual. Yes a change may be a good start, but it’s ultimately up to us, not the government. And perhaps a negative result (to some folks) such as this will encourage lobbying, protests, action.

We may be tired, we may be overworked and we may feel there’s no point. But I feel we still need to try. We need to remember to channel our sadness into compassion to help others where we can, as our elected “leaders” likely won’t. We need to use our anger as an energy (thank you Mr Lydon) and get things done.

I’m trying not to forget what’s happened especially in the lead up, but I’m trying not to get overwhelmed by despair or negativity. I hope we all can move onwards and upwards.

NYE 2017

There is something important to be said.

An odd old year, very difficult to sum it up in a few sentences so I won’t bother.
But I would like to say a few things. It’s hard to determine if it was a good year or a bad year. Some seemingly irreversible shit things happened to me and to some of my circle. I’ve seen loved ones diminished and changed. Senses of self confused and broken. We have crosses to bear. But some good things happened too and sometimes it’s easier to remember the shit and forget the good. If I was to make a new years resolution it would be to not forget the bad, but to try and focus more on the good.

I was glad to find out that, despite the ridiculous waste of money and the potentially hurtful nature of the ‘Yes/No’ postal ballot, the majority of Australians are not selfish, closed minded arseholes…at least where this kind of equality is concerned.
I still find it hard to believe that the USA is being “run” by Donald Trump. Say it again, “President Donald Trump”…I mean, seriously!?
There is something very wrong about that, regardless of your political persuasions.
In my opinion, our guy is not much better either. All we can do is to remain ever vigilant about changing that situation and calling out the shit when it’s spoken, enacted and forced.
Anger is an energy, let’s channel it for good.

Overall, I aim to be kinder, calmer, more patient and more loving when and where I can in 2018, to myself as much as to others. The storm behind the facade is not always a healthy way to live, so being assertive where required should be part of the journey forward as well. And when that storm breaks, I’ll harness that energy.

So as the year draws to a close, I urge you to take care out there, be kind to yourself and to others, watch your mind as much as your body. Be well, be good.


Upcoming activities and appearances. Oct 15, 2017

It’s more than okay to say Yes, it’s only fair.
There is something important to be said.

Some upcoming appearances and activities.

‘Phenomena’ compilation album

I’ll be appearing on a download compilation from No Records called ‘Phenomena’.
It is due for release on the 2nd of November (I believe). Go here:

Sonic Systematics, Hobiennale – Saturday 4th of November 2017.

I’ll be performing a solo set as part of a series of performances programmed by Phillipa Stafford at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery in Hobart for the Hobiennale festival throughout the greater Hobart area. This will be a site-specific performance of enhanced field recordings, drone and voice.

Real to Reel – Art+Film – Tuesday, 14th of November 2017.

I’ve contributed a short film/single channel video work to this series of screenings at Moonah Arts Centre, Moonah. Curated by Sean Kelly.

Friday Nights Live – Friday 24th of November 2017

I’ll be performing a solo set, also at Moonah Arts Centre, for their series of events known as Friday Nights Live, sharing the bill with Christopher Leon.
My set will feature voice, guitar, synth and a couple of home-made instruments including the ‘Twang’. It will likely be a electro-acoustic soundscape with droney melodic flourishes. There will be some of my music available at the venue between now and the gig.
(click on the November 24 square)

The MONA FOMA program has been released:

Evil Goat – sixpointsixsixyears – Saturday 13th of January, 2018

My noisy rock duo Machines Of Indeterminate Origin has been a tad quiet on the live front of late. However, unless something else comes up in the meantime, our next gig will be as part of this mini-fest that is an adjunct to MONA FOMA.
Thanks for having us Evil Goat, we are in pretty amazing company there at the Moonah Arts Centre, Moonah…get along, it’s a free event.

Unconscious Collective – Hypnapod – 16th – 21st of January, 2018.

UNCO have been working on this project for a number of years and my part of it has been the sound design. It’s had a couple of iterations interstate, but this is the first time it’s been shown proper in Tasmania. Each version has had a unique flavour and this one will be no exception. We are excited to be bringing this to Hobart at the Brooke Street Pier during MONA FOMA. Check it out, it’s a free event.

Also, stay tuned for some details of other releases.

In related news, my awesome partner Sally Rees is wrapping up a long gestating PhD degree and will be presenting a ‘closing’ event of sorts at the Plimsoll Gallery below the School Of Creative Arts/Centre For The Arts on Hunter Street, Hobart. It’s from 5:30pm till 7:00pm on Friday October 27th. Go along and show your support. However, an opening/closing is not always the best way to experience work in a gallery and this work should be experienced properly, so I recommend getting along during the week leading up to it (Mon-Fri excluding Tues from 12-5pm), open also on the weekend of 28th/29th too. It’s a fantastic body of work!

Thanks for reading. Take care and look after yourselves and each other.


This is a party political broadcast on behalf of the “How is this even an issue?” Party.

Not that there are folks hanging on any of my words, but I’ve been rather quiet about promoting my point of view about this, because well, it seems like a bit of a no-brainer. But ultimately, I do want to be sure as many suggestions to do the right(left?) thing are out there, so I’m contributing.

Like many of us, a lot of information comes to us via Social Media, which means to a certain degree the information we see is beholden to algorithmic interference.

I for the most part am not getting much opposing views on same-sex marriage. This is a blessing and a curse. A blessing because I don’t have to read bigoted or ignorant views. A curse because, out of sight out of mind, superficially, one could suppose that the the battle is kinda won, that there are more decent, fair-minded people in Australia than not.

And ultimately I do think that’s the case. But as this postal “vote” is going to happen, I urge you to make sure you are enrolled to vote and when the time comes you vote “Yes” for marriage equality.

I won’t go into why consenting adults should be allowed to marry if they wish, have the same rights as others, why they should not suffer prejudice for their sexuality. This has been done to death and really does it need to be repeated? Simply, consenting adults should have the rights to live the way they want. How this is even arguable, especially when considering how little, if at all, this will affect anyone else, is beyond me.

Of course, opposing views are what makes for a good, just, debate. But really I believe this a debate that doesn’t need to happen. It’s a non-debate. It should not even be an issue. But it seems it is!

So yes perhaps I am showing a bias, because I have a number of friends and acquaintances who consider themselves self part of the community that this “vote” is directly targeting, it is potentially playing with their lives and their wellbeing. But it’s not just my friends, it should be about everyone, of course it should. We need to share this land, this world, we need to live amongst each other, interact with each other.

And therein lies the rub when it comes to those opposing yes to equal right for all, which is basically what it comes down to. In the end, what difference does to make to YOU PERSONALLY if someone else decides to marry, to enter into a legally binding arrangement? Really what harm can that do to you or anyone else? Really?!

Some abstractly interpreted book says it’s “wrong”? Is that how we all should decide the laws of the land, especially if we want church and state separated? Okay you may not be used to two ladies or two gentlemen holding hands or giving each other a peck on the cheek in public.
But seriously, we all need to put on our big boy, big girl, big transgender pants and grow up a bit and see that actually it really shouldn’t matter. It should be as much as a non-issue for all as it is for me as a straight man to feel the freedom to do that with my female wife.

What else can it be if that’s not what bothers you? God(!) forbid someone else have the same rights as you? An element of their life differs to yours so they should have less rights? Really?!

So really, do I have a bias? Or if looked at objectively, is this actually a non-issue that been made an issue that marginalises a portion or society for absolutely no good reason? This is not a biased view, it just makes sense.

This whole postal vote debacle is expensive and the more unfortunate outcome is it is seemingly bringing out the negativity and hurtful, unfair mudslinging against the LGBQTI community as was predicted.

So it’s going to happen, so lets get this ghastly business over as soon as possible, give all of us some dignity again, for crying out loud!

I urge you again to look in your heart and see that being fair to someone else does not impact negatively on you, it will likely in fact make our part of the world a better place. We know this vote is non-binding and who knows where it will lead, if anywhere. But sending a YES to equality message to the “powers that be” is a good start.

So going by the algorithms, I’m probably just preaching to the converted, but I hope others get to read this. And I hope those in my circle continue to fight the good fight and spread the word.


Crossed over (June 25, 2017)

Crossed over, a last bastion and a new apocalypse.
Sounds and visions of the sullun and a small black box.
There is something important to be said

Crossing (June 13-18, 2017)
image by Wayne Chappell

As part of the Dark Mofo festival my cohorts in the Unconscious Collective along with lighting and video designer Matt Adey/House Of Vnholy, olfactory artist Shay Xianyi and I in collaboration with Gail Priest creating soundscapes, altered enhanced and transformed a series of Uniting Churches, in Launceston, Cleveland, Ross, Oatlands, Kempton and Hobart, along a 201 km span through the Tasmanian midlands one night after the other. These installed churches also housed live performances by Melbourne based Thereminist Miles Brown and organist J.P. Shilo. Pretty much full houses each night and many favourable responses, (as well as a couple of not so favourable ones). I performed some twangy, Cooder-inspired guitar in Cleveland, live fiery and friction based foley in Ross, watery textures in Oatlands and minimalist drums in Kempton. All the while Gail mixed, manipulated and occasionally vocalised along with hers and my soundscape material. Was wonder to work with Gail in this way and hope to do it some more in the future. I also got the opportunity to play cymbals and percussion with Miles and J.P. during their set on the final night in Hobart, which was a lot of fun. A great project to have been part of and I must again reiterate my thanks to each and every person I worked with on this. At some point Gail and I may release the soundscapes we created in some form, but in the meantime a photo album I created can be viewed here:
There are also some videos to be seen here:
If you are on Instagram, consider following:
to see more images.

The Last Bastion (Long Gallery, June 18, 2017)
Following on from that last performance and installations at Scots Church in Hobart, I snuck down to the Long Gallery at Salamanca Arts Centre to play a 30 minute set, closing off Brendan Wall’s curated series of performances called ‘The Last Bastion’. I presented a new piece called “A New Redemptive Apocalypse”. Folks seemed to like it. Thanks for asking and having me Brendan.

A New Redemptive Apocalypse (in 4 parts) – new release

And with the above in mind, I’ve made available for a paltry amount of $2, a live in the studio version of the piece that I performed at The Last Bastion.
It’s available here:

For a group exhibition curated by Colin Langridge coming up at Contemporary Art Tasmania, opens 21st of July, I’ve created a video and sound work. Here’s a still:

“Sullun explores “blackening the world” as a lifestyle choice; done with noise, metal, screaming death, hate, drone, violence, anti-sentiment, anachronism and, of course the colour black.”
I’m in pretty amazing company and there will be performances at the opening.
More info here:

Small Black Box – gig
Coming up on Sunday 6th of August, I’m scheduled to perform as part of the Small Black Box series, presented at East Brisbane Bowls Club, 38 Lyton Road, East Brisbane, Queensland.
Not entirely sure what my set will encompass as yet, but it will likely be droney, glitchy and include some home made instruments I call ‘Twangs’. More details here as it gets closer:

That’s about it for now, thanks for reading and be good to one and other.


Prompted by the passing of Chris Cornell

It seems to me when someone who could be considered a ‘celebrity’ passes away, in a world full of social media, many opinions, judgements and expressions gush forth. I often see cynicism around those who mourn for a stranger, like mourning has a set of rules.

Chris Cornell’s music, lyrics and the voice that expressed them had quite an affect on me in some of my formative years. I don’t expect anyone else to agree or share that sense of empathy. You may have been too old, too young, or simply and more likely, his music, his words, his lyrics just may not have resonated with you. It’s not for everyone of course, but others obviously felt a similar way to me as well.

In the age of social media, we have the means to express our sadness at the passing of someone who created something that meant or continues to mean something to us.
When anyone like this passes and there is an outpouring of grief from strangers around the world, who didn’t personally know the person in question, it shows me again and again the value of art and music to humanity. It’s not just ‘celebrity’. If someone creates something and it manages to get out there and move someone in some way, provokes an emotional response…that is a wonderful thing. That has some real value. We feel something, it touches us. And so when a creator of that something is removed from the world, I think we feel a genuine sadness. Of course, I don’t think anyone is pretending to feel the same sadness as the loss of a loved one or the loss that the celebrity’s family or friends feel. Very simply, the relationship to them is different. But if we feel connected to a person, even abstractly, via a song, a piece of art, a film, some text and that person is removed, that felt sadness or loss is only as superficial as one’s own cynicism deems it. Personally, the response to art can be profound, I’m glad it is.

I understand the cynicism. In a world of sound bites and untruths presented as news, opinions sprouted as facts, it’s not surprising there is plenty of cynicism around. But if it is a ‘blanket’ point of view, it’s actually kind of lazy and leaves little room for the nuances of the world and of humanity. And if it causes overtly judgemental attitudes, it’s not that constructive.

There is no one way to mourn and no specific rules to who one should mourn for or in what way. I’m sad Chris Cornell is dead.